The LG G4 Review (+ Video!)

LG G4 review and video
Want an exclusive look at the LG G4 before it is even released? You’ve come to the right place.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on LG’s latest flagship smartphone before it’s official launch and, well, I may have found my soulmate. I have filmed a full review of the LG G4 for you all, so please click below to enjoy!

LG G4: Fast facts

– 5.5-inch Quad HD IPS Quantum display and Snapdragon 808 processor
– Your choice of leather or ceramic back cover (fully removable)
– An OMG-worthy 16-megapixel rear camera with F1.8 aperture (with laser Auto Focus)
– An 8-megapixel front-facing camera with Gesture Shot and fast preview, to boot
– Slightly curved design
– A hardcore 3000mAh removable battery and memory card (micro SD) slot

What is the LG G4 release date?

In the UK, it is marked for May 28th,2015 with a global release date of early June 2015. I will update this post as international retailers go on sale:

US – Amazon

In Review: Host Your Own Roast, Beach Blanket Babylon

beach blanket babylon sundy roast 8
Though it took me well into my adult life to be sat in front of one, I developed a love for Sunday Roasts the day my Yorkshire-born boyfriend’s mother invited me to hers.

When Beach Blanket Babylon announced they would be launching ‘Host Your Own Roast’ I was dubious. Though I’ve had nothing but great experiences and food at BBB, I have always associated their cavernous cocktail dens and extensive menus with the evening.

Of course, I would have been a fool not to give a £25 feast with unlimited Bloody Mary pitchers a shot.

Seated in one of the Shoreditch venue’s windowside banquettes, the food came almost as fast as we could say ‘chicken, please!’ (you have a choice of lamb shoulder, suckling pig, rib of beef or chicken as your roasting joint).

Though the roasts are intended for five to eighteen guests, The Manfriend booked as a twosome meaning our chicken was pre-carved. Larger groups benefit from their very own carving knife, apron, and chef’s hat.

Either way you’re getting one tender, juicy mass of chicken.

Of course, a Sunday Roast is no Sunday Roast without trimmings and BBB are well aware. The feasting package includes honey-roasted veg, county-sized Yorkshire puddings, thick gravy, steamed greens, and roasties so perfectly fluffy-crunchy I almost forgot that carbs are the enemy.

Having wrapped the meal up with a final Bloody Mary and enormous slice of warm apple pie (The Manfriend opted for key lime), I was hard pressed to see why any Sunday should be spent elsewhere.

It was the best Sunday roast I’ve had (making it an irrefutable contender for the best Sunday roast in London). Just don’t tell my boyfriend’s mum

beach blanket babylon sundy roast 3
beach blanket babylon sundy roast 4
beach blanket babylon sundy roast 11
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The Blonde Hair Products Guide

blonde hair products
Not too long ago I started on a hair journey towards blonde that has culminated in my latest visit to Gro. Thanks to Serafina, I’ve got a pretty fantastic mop of strawberry blonde on top of my noggin’ right now and I want to make sure it doesn’t fade or alter in the coming weeks.

I’ve been testing out a shower full of hair products in the search for a ‘Blonde Hair Holy Grail’ and the following two lines deserve golden cups of their own:

Nexxus Oil Infinite
Nexxus used to be one of my most loved American brands and I was beyond excited to see them launch ‘Oil Infinite‘ (an oil-infusing system) in the UK. What makes these products extra special is the formulka; concentrated, 100% pure Elastin Protein and natural Babassu & Marula oils. Each product in the system (of which there is a shampoo, conditioner, masque and oil) contains them, therefore turning even the most dry and damaged hair into a bed of silky strands.

If you’ve gone a bit too blonde too fast, this would be an ideal product line to whip your head back into shape.

Tigi S Factor
I have been trialling the Diamond Dreams shampoo and conditioner with weekly use of the Serious Conditioner and have been blown away by the results. Because my hair hasn’t suffered too much damage while going blonde (it has been a seven month process), I wanted a lighter alternative to the Oil Infinite that would still keep my hair healthy.

Diamond Dreams – which contains champagne extract, diamond dust, cashmere and crushed pearls – seemed a safe bet.

It’s rich hair in a bottle. While creating a multi-dimensional shimmer, the duo maintains conditioned colour, offers UV protection, controls frizz, adds strength & shine, and detangles. Without sulphates.

If that wasn’t enough, the Serious Conditioner (which smells like a minty strawberry souffle) acts as a fabric conditioner for hair. Using amino acids and hydrolyzed silk protein to smooth and strengthen hair follicles, all it takes is a five minute soak for ultimate softness.

Both lines won’t be leaving my shower for quite some time.

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blonde hair products
blonde hair products

A Free Holiday to Amsterdam?!

It isn’t often that I will post a viral video (I am perpetually late to the game), but I have to make an exception for the video above because it has ramped up my wanderlust like never before.

To celebrate King’s Day in Holland, KLM decided to partner up with Heineken and surprise 10 lucky people with a jet-setting Orange Experience.

How would you react if a stranger told you to grab your best friend and go to the airport for a free holiday?

Now that I’ve watched this, I’m much more comfortable (a little less dubious Londoner) with the idea! The two Dutch brands chose to visit Shanghai, Cape Town, Rio, Los Angeles and Oslo in search of five Heineken-drinking individuals to fly off to Amsterdam for VIP access to the biggest event in Holland. All they had to do was accept the offer of an ‘Orange Experience’ with their Heineken.

It obviously pays to be a Yes Man.

Anyone else now desperate for a trip to Amsterdam?

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