BodyAmr LFW Runway
Any show with some Salt ‘n’ Peppa tuneage gets the Go card from me. Luckily, BodyAmr had much more to rely on impressing us than their musical selection. For London Fashion Week, BodyAmr’s dancing models (including Amber Rose and Daisy Lowe) wore brand-perfect bodycon pieces, crafty cocktail dresses, and a lot of draped detailing. There was something for everyone, with great features like sheer lower skirting and unexpected, billowing sleeves. Amr Ali knows a woman’s body, that’s for sure. View Post

Body AMRBody AMR owns the red carpet right now.

Stocked by three of my all-time favourites (Harrods, Start and Net-a-Porter), Body AMR has started to become a staple on at least one personally-trained body at every event. The designer, Amr Ali, is one of those rare males that completely understands how a woman’s body works and what she wants from her wardrobe. Because of this he produces timeless pieces that are effortless and a perfect mix of feminine and masculine.

Un-trendy, yet un-dated, ultra-Londoner Amr is definitely one to watch.