Vintage Sexy Eating
If you want to skip the video below, I shall go ahead and tell you the secret: just be hot.

We all had a sneaking suspicion, right? The old cliche – if we were ‘more beautiful’ we would have the world in our hands. The presenter in the video decides to test this theory out by wearing an unflattering outfit, no makeup, and ‘lazy hair’ one day, then the antithesis the next. One version of herself got free taxi rides, free cake, free ice cream, and free champagne. The other version gets a “thanks for helping” pint of beer and nothing else, though she visits all of the same locations.

So, the glamour girl gets it all, even though they are the same woman. It’s a supremely interesting reflection on our interpretation of beauty. Does this mean the only way to be treated well is in heels? Certainly not. One aspect of the experiment that isn’t discussed is the level and delivery of communication.

While “Glamour Girl” struts around and approaches every test with a coy and flirtatious attitude, we have “Plain Jane” acting defeated – literally shrinking into her clothes – when she asks for the same experience. Perhaps it is the apparent lack of confidence/deserving attitude that tipped the scale in the cosmetic-coated corner.

How do you feel about the clip? Do you think it would have turned out differently if the attitudes were swapped, or is it distinctly visual influence?

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Whip My Hair Willow Smith
Never have I seen a nine-year-old so fly. After making the rounds at Milan Fashion Week with her gorgeous mother Jada, today Willow Smith has cemented her status in the fashion pack with the video release for her single “Whip My Hair“.

Likely to have been styled by Mariel Haenn – who is Willow and Rihanna’s personal stylist – the video is a total knockout with makeup artistry, hair paintbrushes, nail art that Minx and Wah would cry over, and attitude to rival Beyonce. There’s even a dancing baby. Video below. View Post

Burberry Prorsum LFW Runway
The best friend and I are both out-of-the-closet Burberry junkies. Christopher Bailey is the man to thank for this; the man who – for Spring/Summer 2011 – smartly took Thomas Burberry‘s designs from the early 1900s as his inspiration point. The classic English rose Burberry girls had vanished, and in their place were “Heritage” biker chicks with buckets of attitude. We’re going to be seeing a lot of studded and spiked jackets come next year. With his own take on the Seventies trend that basically is this season, he wrapped the music with “Pinball Wizard” by The Who. Then 16-year-old Nina Porter stumbled straight out of her stilettos to close. London Fashion Week victim. View Post

Anna Dello Russo Fashion Week Rules
Anna Dello Russo has her rules to follow during the upcoming Fashion Week madness and has revealed her top ten list on her own blog:

1. Black outfits make a omologate effects.
2. Be carefull with black: Don’t put together different tone of black (clothes, stocking, shoes, etc). Materials reflect the black in different way.
3. Sunshine is a big spot on you: It shows all the mistakes. (Cheap fabrics, ruined accessories, dirty shoes).
4. You must feel the weather every morning. Clothes live in the best context like actresses loving the amazing theater.
5. Don’t match clothes and its own function: Like rain and trenchcoat, like snow and moonboot, forget it the umbrella at home!
6. Wear just night-clothes in daytime. It is unexpected!
7. Don’t carry big bags. On the front row they hinder the passage.
8. Between shoes and bag? Absolutely, amazing shoes matching a perfect pedicure. They make a right attitude!
9. Don’t wearing so much make up. In the morning it does not look fresh.
10. Shape up! You must choose outfits fierce and fully shaped.