Taylor Swift Wear Purple
In response to the tragic suicides of gay teens who were bullied, people around the world took part in Spirit Day hoping to put a much-needed end to the harassment. Spearheaded by GLAAD, Spirit Day urged people to wear purple to raise awareness and show support for the young people who took their lives due to LGBT discrimination.

Now, I am inspired. While wearing a unified colour for one day won’t change the world, if you decide to take on something with personal meaning and incorporate small reminders into your life to trigger LGBT activism, you can really make a difference. I have created my capsule wardrobe as some sort of crazy sartorial inspiration. Feeling very Gok Wan here. View Post

Fashion Halloween Costume Clara Bow

Clara Bow - Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2011

Halloween costumes can be so hard for fashionable types. Unless your costume is Anna Wintour or Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s (originality fail), it is sometimes a little difficult to feel haute and stop people from asking ‘what are you?‘ all evening.

Therefore, here is a compilation of fashion forward Halloween costumes that may not leave your peers wondering why stuffing a suit with pillows makes you a dude named Alber Elbaz. View Post