eye surgery
In the land of Lela, crazy things have popped up unexpectedly.

Like, bleeding in my eyes.

Long story short, a blend of stress and blood issues (yay, anemia and diabetes!) has meant I woke up a few mornings back with no vision in my right eye. After being checked out at the hospital for a few hours, I have undergone the first session of two eye surgeries that will hopefully end next Monday and fix the damaged blood vessels.

No sympathies needed, I just want to keep everyone up to date as the blogs will be few and far between in this time period – the sight I do have is very blurry from the surgeries.

(After which you will have some AMAZING updates as my ‘friend’/sister is leaving America for the first time and visiting me for two weeks of adventures!)

For now, sunglasses and besos…


PHEW! What a crazy couple of weeks this has been! With the launch of a new business (OUR FIRST BOX SHIPS THIS WEEK!), Fashion Week, a plethora of new fashion and beauty launches, I have barely had time to breathe…let alone log on to my beloved little blog.

But hey! I actually find myself with a couple hours free to blog (while catching up on a month’s worth of cleaning and laundry) and I’m kind of relishing in it. Let’s kick off by announcing the winner of the Win the dress of your choice” competition!

The winner is….drumroll, merci…

ALI THORPE who chose the Stella Print Long Sleeve Wrap Dress!

Please e-mail me (lela at lelalondon dot com) with your address and telephone number and we’ll get that sent out to you asap.

Thank you to everyone who entered! I want to put another competition up very soon, and have a few things I would love to give away. Let me know in the comments or on Facebook what kind of things you love to win and hopefully I will be able to treat you guys to more great competitions.

Vintage Clothes

God, I love vintage clothes. The trouble with vintage is, after the fashion industry went boom with vintage imitation, almost everyone added a 500% increase on the sales price.

Here at the best fashion blog in the world (;D), that just isn’t acceptable. For that reason, I am offering you a 6-item selection of some of the glorious cheap vintage pieces you can find online!

1. Bright yellow eyelet cardigan£13.
2. Red sequin top£13.
3. Royal purple velvet blazer£16.
4. Pink striped shirt dress£18.
5. Vintage pointillism dress£13.
6. Peachy silk blazer with lace£15.

Dianna Agron Cosmopolitan
Though the tone of my blog is forcefully optimistic, sometimes the What The Hell Flag needs to be raised. Upon seeing the image above, I had to question the motives for Cosmopolitan to so bizarrely Photoshop the beautiful body of Glee star Dianna Agron.

Their September cover shows the naturally stunning actress with a dramatically reduced waist, shrunken left hand, twigged-out arms, and harshly shadowed decolletage. Has Photoshop become such a normality that the media is now chopping, manipulating, and shading to a point of…ugly?

I get the need for polish in post-production as it can add to an artistic image, or correct lighting/’blemishes’ that would detract from the photo. This, however, is just art departments unnecessarily taking twenty pounds off of their cover stars. Is it expected? Is it asked of them? Where does photo editing cross the line into fakery?

Below, the body of Dianna Agron has been left as it is naturally. Gorgeous. Healthy. A body I would have no qualms seeing on the cover of any magazine. Would you?

(She also just dyed her hair pink!)
DIanna Agron Hot
Dianna Agron Pink Hair

Update 28/06/11:

I have just received an e-mail from Mulberry informing me that the brand does not authorize giveaways that aren’t of their own accord. I didn’t feel that this would be an issue, but feel that I must respect a brand’s values and wishes, so will not continue with the contest.

For anyone who purchased She Said Style based solely on the giveaway, please e-mail me and I will refund you within 24 hours.

When I get the chance, I will aim to host a bigger and better giveaway in it’s place! I Everyone who purchases She Said Style from now until then will be entered.

Apologies for any inconvenience, guys!

– She Said Style

Mulberry Bayswater
The second I started writing She Said Style, I knew I wanted to give a little something extra back once it was released. I am so, so excited to announce that after months of saving…


I am giving away a Mulberry Bayswater!



The beauty – seen above – is the classiest, roomiest designer bag alive. The structure, hardware (postman’s lock!) and lining are all as luxurious as the leather. This is a bag that will look as good – if not better – in fifty years as it does today.


To enter, you must purchase She Said Style. The e-mail address used to purchase will be checked if the winner is selected through any of the additional entry options.

For additional entries, each step you complete from the list below will earn a giveaway entry (only available to those who purchase She Said Style):

1. Become a fan of Lela London on Facebook (+1 entry).
2. Sign up to Lela London’s mailing list (+1 entry).
3. Leave a comment below telling me your favourite chapter of She Said Style (+1 entry).
4. Tweet about the giveaway (+1 entry).
5. Follow Lela London on Twitter (+1 entry).
6. Link to the giveaway through your blog (+1 entry).

Giveaway ends July 25th, 2011 at midnight PST. Open worldwide. If you are under 16, please ask your parents for permission to enter.

Thank you for your support! Fingers crossed!