Hot Girl Cooking
Vogue Italia has such an entrepreneurial spirit. Along with their already jam-packed website, they have just released “Vogue Kitchen“, a fashionably-presented online cooking school. Be prepared for recipes and videos that will teach you – through an impossibly gorgeous Italian woman and English subtitles – “fast, delicious and, above all, healthy recipes.”

The first video alone foreshadows major success with a gorgeous-looking cream of pumpkin soup with scallops. The accompanying blog also reveals the benefits from the recipe (quoted below), like pumpkin for better skin and vitamin-rich scallops!

Shopping list (Two Servings):
400g of pumpkin (Half of a pumpkin)
2 scallops, half shell
20g of extra virgin olive oil
30g of leek
Licorice powder

Ready in 20 minutes.
Difficulty: Low.

Lauren Conrad Beauty Department
Big announcement with little press: fashion favourite Lauren Conrad has been ‘guest editing’ Allure‘s Facebook page this week and recently updated with “My new beauty site is launching right now!”

We all raised an eyebrow. New beauty site? Well, it’s here! The Beauty Department – a collaboration with hair stylist Kristen Ess and makeup artist Amy Nadine – is a beauty blog with tips, trends and more. Though it’s a baby for now, it’s set to be a guilty pleasure for both those who watched her grow up on TV, and the online mass of pretty people looking towards the beauty future. Good luck, LC!

Vogue September Issue 2007 Steven Meisel
One of our most beloved models, Coco Rocha, just offered up an internet treat. Yesterday, the infamous image that Grace Coddington loved but Anna Wintour refused (in The September Issue) was posted to her blog. Steven Meisel helped the Vogue team create a stunning shot, and many people are now questioning why it got the axe. In fact, the spread in Vogue’s 2007 September Issue was much tighter and rheumatically composed than this shot. While the e-fashion world is scratching their heads, I believe that Anna made a great editorial choice here.

Paradise Lost Dafne Cejas
If you haven’t heard, all of the world is now completely done with 2010. Poor year. Though your favourite fashion blog is less than a year old, I think it’s only right to share the best spread of the year with you. Looking back over hundreds of ‘favourites’, the shoot that really stood out was “Paradise Lost” from V Magazine #65. One of the many reasons I obsess over this spread is because the two ‘featured’ people are unbelievablly underrated. First we have model Dafne Cejas, a game-changer that has one of the most skilled and transformational portfolios of the decade. Then, the sensational Sebastian Faena; a photographer that can produce exquisite memories. The collaboration between the two produce images that are secretly sinister, with silhouettes that seem otherworldly. Beauty that isn’t thrown in your face is always chief.

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I know it’s strange to be reminded by a fashion blog, but – no matter how cliche the phrase – it’s what is on the inside that counts. It’s imperative to strive to be more than you can see. Katie Makkai illustrates this better than anyone I know.