My Week on Instagram
Instagram (@lelalondon) – left to right, top to bottom:
1. Much-needed pit stop at Aubaine during Regent Tweet.
2. Clashy broad.
3. Bellini masterclass. And by masterclass I mean…
4. Final date night before Manfriend heads off sailing. Burgers obvs.
5. Hahahaha. Blurred Lines: Eiffel Tower edition.
6. Say hello to The ‘Carrie’ Necklace.
7. Traffic to-do list: document #ootd.
8. Huge thank you to Coach for my beautiful blogger kit!
9. Having a Gatsby night with The Manfriend. Love love love.
10. Just try and say no to Salvador & Amanda’s Chorizo lollypops…(New Food for Thought at!)
11. Major love and congratulations to Eva Chen! Check my latest ‘Fash for Thought‘ to see why…
12. Getting personal with Anna Lou of London.

charles fish
I wouldn’t blame you if you experienced a little Instagram jealousy last week; spending the evening with contemporary jeweller Charles Fish made me rather trigger happy (in a camera phone sense). Acting as one of three blogger ambassadors for the brand new Charles Fish ‘Finders Keepers’ campaign, an evening of fun and champagne was arranged during Jewellery Week at Somerset House.

What is Finders Keepers?
A massive incentive for you to spend a little time over on Charles Fish! Finders Keepers is an incredible six-month online treasure hunt where, twice a month, visitors get the chance to follow a cryptic clue or two and find a piece of jewellery with a ‘hidden hallmark’ (FK!) on their website. Once the item is found, a ‘Keep It!’ button will take you to enter to win the gift (and with items like a Rolex included in Finders Keepers, that minute you spent searching certainly does not go to waste!)

You can follow the clues from Charles Fish’s Finders Keepers page, have competition alerts sent to your e-mail, and find clues on their Facebook page, as well.

Good luck, beauties!

charles fish
charles fish
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company magazine
I don’t especially like to hoot and holler over press coverage, but I figured being featured in one of my favourite magazines earned itself a blog post. In the March 2013 issue of Company Magazine (which you can purchase digitally, should international readers want a peek!) you will find my smirky face alongside a lot of Spring fashion, Lianne La Havas (BABE), Cara Delevingne, MS MR, some amazing catwalk nail art, and more. Hooray!

company magazine

Instagram – top to bottom, left to right:
1. Got sick and my little fox wouldn’t leave my side. Familia.
2. Black pudding and quails egg starter from The Pig.
3. Admiring shiny post-coffee teeth.
4. We call this Esmerelda chic.
5. Glitter dusted nails with OPI ‘Spark de Triomphe’ and Chanel ‘Suspicious’.
6. The fabulous life of a blogger.
7. Trying to figure out how to tighten up my new favourite (but too big) heels.
8. I have a totally neurotic knack for giving the puppies baths before they get groomed.
9. Stumbled on this photo of Victoria Beckham in the 90s. Amazing.

Hi, I’m Joanna, a guest blogger for Design Shuffle, an online portal for all things interior design. I spend my days collecting the most beautiful rooms and sharing them with readers of blogs like this one. Thanks to Lela for letting me share with you today! Hope they inspire some fashion and decorating ideas.

Fashion trends tend to lead interior design trends, making the two connected in a very special way. For instance, we see a brilliant hue on the runway and shortly thereafter it starts popping up in home furnishings or on the walls of the fashion and design forward. Here are four runway looks and rooms that remind us how interchangeable fashion and interior trends can be. Please enjoy!

Runway Look
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