Tavi Gevinson Lofficiel
I am so excited to see Tavi Gevinson – of Style Rookie fame – on the cover of L’Officiel! Though she is still in her teens, she is essentially the Blogging Queen. Jean-Paul Goude photographed the blogger/Rookie Magazine Editor in head-to-toe Chanel for their latest issue of the magazine, and it is almost bittersweet; a reflection of “Tween Tavi” (probably the image burned into your mind) with grey hair, geek chic glasses, and a throwback-perfect hair bow. The flashback-esque shot couldn’t be complete without notebook in hand on a just-too-big chiavari chair, could it?

What’s all that, you ask? That is Kipling‘s brilliant collaboration with Silver Spoon Attire. Today, your friendly neighbourhood fashion blogger (…that’s me) went down to Selfridges to get one of Kipling’s new college-friendly bags customised in the best Vintage Americana embellishments you could think of.

After leaving my red “Erasto” in the talented hands of Damian Collins, I head back roughly 30 minutes later to the beauty below. My spacious carry-all was now donned with a pom-pom, two L’s in a Letterman-esque blue, tassles, star tacs, buttons and circle hoops! The “Erasto” has enough space for my stylist essentials and can even fit my netbook. Practical, and full of personality. Way to go, you two!

Forever 21
Forever 21, the fashion retailer that is frequently and infamously sued for re-creating designer pieces, has started a witch hunt of their own. Last week, they gave blogger Rachel Kane (of WTForever21.com) an ultimatum: take down her website by last Friday or get sued for trademark infringement and defamation (LOL). WTF21 is obviously a satirical blog with no libellous statements philandering as company affiliation. Rachel sees the fascinating humour of it all, and has yet to take down the website.

She recently sent out a press release of sorts, and I quote:

My site, WTForever21, does not infringe on any of Forever 21’s rights. It contains only criticism, commentary, and news reporting, all written in an educational and humorous manner, which are protected under applicable law. To the extent any of the material used on the site is in fact subject to intellectual property protection (which, in many instances, is by no means clear), the site’s incorporation of that material is a “fair use” under copyright, trademark law, and similar state law. It’s incredibly unlikely that any portion of the site would ever cause confusion in the minds of the general public about whether or not Forever 21 endorses or is affiliated with it. The blog in no way dilutes Forever 21’s trademark, as the company claims. If the company continues to makes threats that have no basis in law, my attorneys are prepared to vigorously defend me and seek all available legal redress against Forever 21.

In the meantime, I am leaving the blog up. I look forward to returning to blogging about fashion atrocities like lime green, faux fur covered vests and candy colored booty shorts on WTForever21.com.

Do work, girl. This is going to be the most ironic of lawsuits.

Vogue Cover

Vogue Cover: Click to enlarge!

For the first time since starting Fashion Spot, I am presenting my take on something other than an ad. This time? A Vogue magazine cover.

While Vogue is the Fashion Bible, there are a few things I would love to see on their covers:

  • Text reduction: “59 Ways To Wear Platforms While Having The Best Sex…EVER” just doesn’t entice anymore. If I am buying a magazine, I am primarily driven by image quality; nonsensical text blocks truly turn me off. A ‘table of contents‘ could be on the back cover to cater to the content-driven.
  • Iconography: Love live the day of memorable covers. In the recreation of the Marilyn Monroe image I’ve created, the concentration is solely on fashion and beauty. Vogue’s content decides what the latest fashion and trends are – the casing should reflect as such.
  • ‘Normal’ Models: I’m not going to get all Zooey Deschanel just yet, but when compiling a magazine with this much influence, I can only imagine involving relatable models – like your Friendly Neighborhood Fashion Blogger above – would be very well received. After all, we are the industry.
  • Don’t forget: enter to win your dream shoe collection here!

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