Britney Fuck You
I am starting to realize Britney Spears can do no wrong in my eyes. Even though many elements of her latest video – “I Wanna Go” – are eyebrow raise-inducing, the dark sense of humour and tongue in cheek references Britney The Brand more than redeem her.

What goes on? Cyborgs, a Mickey Mouse-ears wearing skeleton, Guillermo from Weeds seductively pouring milk over his body, an easter egg for “Crossroads 2: Cross Harder”, a Thriller eyeball homage, a paparazzi cuss-out, a quote from “Half Baked”, and a punked out Baby One More Time-esque schoolgirl outfit (with spiked Louboutins and studded Doc Martens!)

Wacky, wonderful, and a pretty flawless tune by Britney standards (no point in expecting the vocal solidarity of Adele or the whimsical grooves of of Montreal, right?).

The Bumbys
The Bumbys wear wigs, masks, and offer “A Fair and Honest Appraisal of Your Appearance“. They are also taking over the fashion industry, and bringing in crowds like Britney brings the crazy. The anonymous duo“Gill Bumby” and “Jill Bumby” – are performing artists armed with manual typewriters and ingenuity. The name of the game? Stand in front of them, and you get a wittier alternative to a Clinton and Stacy style assessment, eg.

You have an Izzy Blow – but non-suicidal – super pretty face vibe. Your look is killing it today. The way I picture you is in Lula magazine, floating on a sea of chiffon and blowing bubbles in a rainstorm. Turbans equal difficult-to-pull-off, but today, and probably usually, you are a queen of awesome.

While the idea reigns creatively, their success seems to confirm the superficial relevance of others’ judgement. Would you take part?