charles fish
I wouldn’t blame you if you experienced a little Instagram jealousy last week; spending the evening with contemporary jeweller Charles Fish made me rather trigger happy (in a camera phone sense). Acting as one of three blogger ambassadors for the brand new Charles Fish ‘Finders Keepers’ campaign, an evening of fun and champagne was arranged during Jewellery Week at Somerset House.

What is Finders Keepers?
A massive incentive for you to spend a little time over on Charles Fish! Finders Keepers is an incredible six-month online treasure hunt where, twice a month, visitors get the chance to follow a cryptic clue or two and find a piece of jewellery with a ‘hidden hallmark’ (FK!) on their website. Once the item is found, a ‘Keep It!’ button will take you to enter to win the gift (and with items like a Rolex included in Finders Keepers, that minute you spent searching certainly does not go to waste!)

You can follow the clues from Charles Fish’s Finders Keepers page, have competition alerts sent to your e-mail, and find clues on their Facebook page, as well.

Good luck, beauties!

charles fish
charles fish
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Week on Instagram
Instagram (@lelalondon) – left to right, top to bottom:
1. Editing photos from Paris and these little girls – picking flowers from around the Eiffel Tower – have become my favourite thing in the world.
2. Paris and kissing and cops on Rollerblades.
3. Brunch report. Hunger Magazine. Eat it.
4. BBQ Whisky Beer. Oh, baby.
5. Went to see Paloma Faith at Sherwood Pines Forest. This is the pre-Paloma picnic.
6. American takeover.
7. Home away from home for the Charles Fish Hidden Hallmark event!
8. Countryside excursion face.
9. Not gonna lie, writing up food reviews is cruel dietary bullying.
10. Mannequin time.
11. Sky Sports.
12. Bus reflection selfie.
13. Handsome men love them some Lavazza.