christmas day
Yesterday was a special day. I am not necessarily one for religious festivities, but Christmas is my definite exception: spending time with wonderful people, watching your loved one’s faces light up when they open a present you’ve been trying to hide for weeks, the food, the family, the ability to become exhausted when you haven’t left the house…I love it all.

After The Boyfriend stole my OnePiece (but exchanged it for a unicorn onesie,¬†#nocomplaints) yet again, Christmas Day 2013 went a little something like…”I bought you a ski lift!”, “I bought you a gun!”, The Boyfriend getting tricked out with new cricket gear (including his dream cricket bat – which might be my favourite purchase ever), “I bought you some pants!” (x 3974692), brilliant and thoughtful gifts in general, ‘Christmas Dinner’ aka lunch aka cannot eat anything else past 4pm, The Ultimate Sticky Toffee Pudding, happy family engagements (!), Christmas puppies, giggles, Dads falling off of their son’s new longboards (ahem), macarons, champagne, and much more.

We finished the night by heading over to our family friends’ house and being coerced into male vs. female competition. Naturally, the women annihilated the men…boys…in a quiz, charades, and SingStar.

It’s a day I’ll never forget. (It’s Christmas. Please indulge the cheesy.)

christmas day
christmas day
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last minute secret santa gifts
Okay, to be clear: this is a very female-focused list. Last-minute gifts for men are just not my forte; see, Reindeer Beer.

Fortunately, the rest of these gifts are nothing short of amazing and all under £20!

Last Minute, Cheap (and Amazing) Secret Santa Gifts:
Test tube shot glasses from River Island
Snow leopard faux fur cushion from Biba
Handbag headphone jack from Etsy
NW3 Compass Bangle from Hobbs
What Would Blair Waldorf Do pencils from Etsy
Pearl and chain headband from Miss Selfridge

young mom christmas gifts
I love giving young moms/mums presents that are a little bit self-indulgent. While their children are obviously the centre of their universe, I doubt that gifting them a designer baby romper is going to be any more enjoyable than a calendar of hot men and a Netflix subscription.


Gift Ideas for Moms (who don’t want baby gifts)
The Boys 2014 Calendar from ASOS
Lexington Triology Watch from Michael Kors
Frida tote from Furla (doubles as a diaper bag – holla)
Violetta rabbit iPhone 5 cover from Moschino (because every baby I know loves to steal a mommy’s cell phone)
Frame Fix cream foundation (SPF 25) from Suqqu

m&s christmas gift
As I have been working with M&S quite a bit this year, I have become something of an unofficial spokesperson for everything they sell (from gluten-free Percy Pigs to flowers, I kid you not). When I came home to receive a little Merry Christmas/thank you package from the M&S Team this week, the deal was pretty much sealed: I am an M&S superfan.

After committing to share the contents with my nearest and dearest for a cosy night in, I wiggled into my new pyjamas and popped Elf in (because what else do you watch in the month of December?) before the couches were overtaken by food, drink, and Christmas cheer. Supplementing¬†Crunchy Mint Choc Twigs (I truly hope these are only available for Christmas – I fell in love and my waistline is scared) with some more M&S nibbles, we did mini-facials with Formula’s Advanced Illumin-ATP Radiance Day Cream (it’s a lot like Clarins’ infamous flash balm – but better – and half the price) and painted ourselves silly with an Eyeshadow Palette and lipstick from Lola until Buddy The Elf saved Christmas.

Thank you for the love, M&S!

m&s christmas gift
m&s christmas gift