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Though it launched earlier this year to an immense sign-up storm, it took me a few months to bite the bullet and sign up for Netflix. For years I have tended to adopt a love of TV shows and movies long after they have been cancelled (Mad Men is the exception). When the Netflix app popped up on my iPad before a long trip, however, the stars seemed to align and suck me into Netflix mania.

Though I wouldn’t say the app is faultless, the very cheap service (£6 per month) more than delivers when I am all blogged/styled/travelled out and need a creative escape. The biggest problem for me is actually deciding what to watch. For that reason, I have created a quick access guide to ‘flix-cure your every need!

What To Watch

For those who have yet to hear of the ‘manacled Mormon’…
Tabloid. Directed by Errol Morris, this bizarre documentary features sex, lies, Mormonism, and all of Morris’ mesmerizing flair. It is delusional, disturbing, and captivating on many levels.

For those who miss The Wire…
Breaking Bad. Having recently released season five exclusively through Netflix, this is the app’s calling card. Like the drug the show is centered around, the probability of addiction is high. This show has rocked more hours on my iPad than anything else.

For some neo-noir man candy…
Drive. Has Ryan Gosling. Pretend you need a better explanation.

For some guilty pleasure
Secret Diary of A Callgirl. Led by Billie Piper, the series – based on the anonymous blog turned bestseller, Belle de Jour – is a knowingly ironic look at the adventures of a London call girl. The reality and disillusionment of sex as a commodity is certainly interesting, but this series is more about the Sex and The City-esque one liners than any sort of sexual agenda.

For something quick and mind-blowing…
Derren Brown Trick of the Mind. Because you can only say you’ve lived when you see someone be whispered unconscious in seconds via telephone. Derren Brown does ‘magic’ in a way that would make David Copperfield cry.

For the ‘THANK YOU, LELA’ moment…
Arrested Development. I have introduced more people to this TV show than anything else. It is the smartest and best-cast comedy I have ever seen. (You’re welcome.)

For the fashionista…
…who can appreciate a satirical, frivolous, but poignant update of Jane Auste’s Emma…Clueless.
…who has ever wanted to work in fashion…The September Issue.

For the dirty Brit in you…
The Inbetweeners.

For the traitor Brit in you…
The Office (US). (Better than the original).

For unaware hilarity…
Teeth. If there is anything you will take away from this movie, it will be the phrase ‘vagina dentata’. Classed as horror, I believe this one is a little more comedic than the average slasher, but a worthwhile watch for the experience alone.

For your XY Chromosome…
Green Street (Hooligans). Gritty and poetic all at once. You wouldn’t be faulted for raising your eyebrow at a few of the casting choices, but when you combine the primal highs of West Side Story, Fight Club, and the culture of football hooliganism, you get an authentically riveting film.

motel rocks
Stepping into the Motel Rocks showroom felt a little bit like the movie Clueless. And a Christmas party.

Both the brand and the women who work at the brand come in a fantastic package: they’re playful, flirty, and trend-aware. With price points that we can all afford, their Autumn/Winter collection has a lot of glitter, and a lot of print. Designed in-house, two standout prints were a Tetris-looking floral print and a smokey paint-splattered print. I think one of the best things about Motel Rocks is that if you like a print but feel that the garment itself isn’t your style, all of their prints come in a range of styles: jeans, crop tops, dresses, hot pants, jackets, and more.

On top of that, Motel is expanding into very exciting shoe territory later this year…but my lips are sealed for now!
motel rocks
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Heathers Lick It Up
Everlasting Lights

Though I believe the first time I saw it was ten years after it’s release, 1989‘s most intimidating and debauched film, Heathers, has had my heart since that very day. Heathers is a black comedy (featuring Winona Ryder, Christian Slater and Shannen Doherty) set in Ohio, and boasts the wardrobe of Clueless and genius of Mean Girls if both were ignited at 100 degrees. Definitely one of the greatest movies of all time – hence the Best of Tumblr!
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Clueless - The Calvin Klein Dress

"It's a dress." / "Says who?!" / "Calvin Klein."

Confederacy owner Ilaria Urbinati has which teamed up with Francisco Costa (Creative Director at Calvin Klein) to reissue the dress that sent Dan Hedaya’s head into a parental tailspin after Urbinati professed her undying love for the original ensemble.
Exclusive to Confederacy, the dress is retailing at a wallet-emptying $916 and is also available in a Valentine-red color.

While I personally feel like spending my leftover $916/£603.21 on shoes, this is definitely an offer I would suggest other Clueless obsessors take advantage of. After all, the dress has survived fashion and trend changes for fifteen years.