Jian Stacking Rings
On Wednesday, I got a sneak peak at one of the best jewellery collections I have seen in a long time. Presenting…Jian of London!

For 2011, Jian of London were actually awarded the Editor’s Choice award at the most prestigious of trade shows, International Jewellery London. The award itself is designed to recognise and showcase jewellery designers who exhibit jewellery that is extremely creative and cutting edge. With the innovation and unique processes that go into the making of Jian’s pieces, International Jewellery London couldn’t have picked a better brand.

Currently, Jian boasts five collections; Combinations, Expressions, The Northern Lights, Chichi, and the latest collection, Stardust. The latter is “oh my shiny goodness”-worthy, with amazing and customizable pieces like the Ruby Sapphire Dome Ring – a snowglobe-like ring with floating jewels of your choice.

And though the pricetag on the dome ring will not suit everyone’s budget, Jian has everything from glittering pendants to double-sided earrings to stacking rings (seen above) that start as low as £15! Even better? The brand-wide rhodium plating means they will last for years to come.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall Winter 2011
Marc by Marc Jacobs latched onto the ever-present Seventies trend from Spring/Summer 2011 and wrapped it in a bow. Down for the disco era? With combinations of materials like metallic copper and leather/leopard print and anise-brown velvet, you have the makings of a stunning retro wardrobe, presented down a high school gymnasium-type runway with coloured tape and battered birch-wood. A nod to Marc Jacobs high school era, presumably. Another superb digest for every occasion. See the top five looks below! View Post

Rachel Roy Runway NYFW
Rachel Roy for New York Fashion Week. It’s like macaroni and cheese. When putting together her collections she carefully examines her life and those of the women around her, trying to determine what will work best for them. She’s on the mark. Want a new way to wear pants and a blouse to work, without donning a suit? She’ll figure it out. Her mixed-media dress, which combines a yellow print with a navy-and-white one, appears every season to fantastic reception.

The most exciting thing for Spring 2011 is her khaki-color pieces, all shown on mannequins and all inspired by trenches. I adored pieces put together in unexpected ways, like wearing a looser-fitting bustier over a blouse – there is not a girl I know who hasn’t played around with combinations like this. Albiet, without the genius of Rachel. View Post