Another Friday, another designer ad re-imagined for Fashion Spot! This week, the ad alteration goes to Herm├Ęs (p: air-mezz). Simply put? When accessories are your bread and butter, make sure they stand out. Nothing beats the class of their high fashion French luxury.

Roberto Cavalli Ad

Roberto Cavalli - Click to Enlarge!

Roberto Cavalli does Italian glamour with an edge. When Brigitte Bardot helped launch his career in the Seventies, his aesthetic was sold as interesting, dark flamboyance. When I think of the talented designer’s best pieces, I see texture, movement and sexuality that I have attempted to portray in the ad above.

Thank you for all your wonderful feedback for Fashion Spot thus far! It is definitely a highlight of my blogging week. As a gift, I give you Roberto Cavalli – in denim on denim – riding a Segway in Cannes this past week. Homeslice is 70.
Roberto Cavalli Segway
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Gucci Ad Fall Winter 2011

Gucci Ad - Click To Enlarge!

It’s Gucci, mane. After the great Gucci vs. Prada Spring/Summer 2011 debate, I realised that this gold dress was getting as much cover time as that ever-present white eyelet dress from Dolce & Gabbana. In the Gucci showcase below we have Beyonce Knowles on L’Officiel, Naomi Campbell on Vogue Japan, and Luca Gadjus on German Glamour (where they truly cheapened the garment through a typography fail). It was destined for a Fashion Spot. To me, the brand is textural glamour; nothing needs to be happening except for garment focus. Hope you like it!

Donna Karan Ad Lela

Donna Karan

J’adore Donna Karan. The label’s clothes are long-lasting – both in construction and style – and easily fall in line with all of your multiple fashion personalities. For my ad inspiration, I have taken Donna Karan’s ad style and a) cut it in half, their images can sometimes be spread too far to localize their latest design aesthetic, as well as b) highlighted the famous logo, which seems like an afterthought at times.

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Chanel Ad Lela
Fashion Spot latest, see all about it! After realizing I made a pretty horrendous ‘fashion spot’ last week, I really wanted to kick it up a notch this Friday by working with a megabrand favourite – Chanel. Karl Lagerfeld‘s baby does advertising very, very well; so I have simply tweaked the elegant, beautiful ad expectations. Simple make up and classic, crisp images with the right amount of white space for the logo (I feel they go overboard with this element at times). Can’t wait to see yours!