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I can only assume that – as you are reading what is primarily a fashion blogSex and The City has had something of an effect on you.

For that fact, I will invite you to squeal with me over the fact that it is (kind of) coming back: The Carrie Diaries – the prequel to Candace Bushnell’s Sex and The City – is being turned into a TV programme! With Sarah Jessica Parker swapped out for AnnaSophia Robb, high school senior Carrie Bradshaw is coming back to our screens with an ingenious 1980s flair.

With former Sex and the City writer Amy Harris on board, and Gossip Girl producers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage at the helm, I suspect a world of 18-to-60-year-old women are going to tune in for the premiere. For the fashion-focused timeline of our new Carrie Bradshaw, at least (see the first glimpse from the set, above).

I imagine another styling glory with Stefania Owen’s casting as Carrie’s younger sister, Dorrit – the rebellious attention-seeker. I presume Chloe Bridges – as Carrie’s nemesis Donna Ladonna – is going to have some major fashion moments, also.

carrie bradshaw fashion
Get the look with…
Cheetah cardigan under lime cardigan.
Sequinned dress with an almost-white petticoat.
Red heart belt.
Pointed orange pumps.
An embellished handbag.

floral print trousers
After deciding to spend the entire day parading around in a skirt, the weather decided to hang out at roughly 8°C since I left the house today. Turns out, it was a lucky misfortune. What better opportunity/excuse could there be to buy some floral-print trousers?

(Pictured: MTV print tee, H&M cigarette pants, and handmade heels. Though I kind of want to add these and these to my collection, now…)

P.S. Excuse the office/bomb site.

Playsuits for women – or rompersuits, jumpuits, onesies – whatever you want to call them, they aren’t going away. The trend for all things all-in-one is still big for spring, and in more styles than ever before. No matter what your size and fruity shape, there’s a playsuit out there for you, and I’m here to show you how to find it!

Strawberries – Va-va-voom V-necks

When you’re heavier up top and slim down below, you wanna balance out your shape by drawing the eye down. That’s why V-necks are made for you. Showing off your great cleavage and drawing the eye downwards, V-necks help lengthen your shape too. The only thing to avoid is anything that shows too much shoulder, making your top half look bigger than it really is, so steer clear of bandeau and halter neck styles. This little V-neck number (pictured) from the New Look playsuits for women range on the other hand ticks all the right boxes, covering the totally tropical bold print trend for spring too.

Pears and Hourglass Shapes – Cinch that Waist

If there’s one trick to showing off a pear shape or hourglass figure to the max, it’s cinching in that waist. Accentuating your slimmer midline and exaggerating those oh so womanly curves is the way to wear it. Look out for playsuits that are fitted tightly to the waist, or feature a belt or tie cord, to draw the eye to the waist and create curves to die for.

You can create even more balance by looking for playsuits for women that really show off those shoulders, drawing the eye up and away from your larger hips, thighs and bum. Look out for halter styles, that’ll also accentuate your bust, or any playsuit that features strong shoulder detailing.

Apples – Show off those Pins

When you’re an apple shape, you tend to be larger around the middle and bust, while your shoulders, hips and legs are slender. You want to look for a playsuit that’s going to give you more room across the torso, while showing off those gorgeous pins. Look out for cuter-than-cute short leg playsuits, or playsuits with a slim, tapered leg to really show off one of your best features.

If you’re not sure what shape you are, check out this great Channel 4 style tool, designed to help you figure it out and shop for your shape. View Post

love wrap dress

“And your love is like peaches and cream,
Kinda like sugar, Kinda like spices,
Kinda like, like what you do,
Kinda sounds funny, but love, honey,
Honey, I love you.”
Express Ohio, “Yummy Yummy Yummy

I was feeling pretty sickly and exhausted this morning until I looked out of the window and saw empty streets frothing in a substantial amount of London snow. Don’t let my cheesy grin fool you…it was beyond chilly. I happened to be a little snow-stoned and stoked that my pink hairspray from the night before hadn’t completely vanished from my makeshift dip-dye.

What I Wore: Love’s Peach Satin Long-Sleeve Wrap dress from Inlovewithfashion, vintage Italian leather knee-high boots, and Colour FX Punk Pink Hairspray (layered on trademark unruly hair).
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