Chloe Moretz Interview

Chloe Moretz

  • Unlike the rest of us, Chloe Moretz is a 14-year-old girl not only on the cover of Interview magazine’s November 2011 issue, but the interviewee of a Drew Barrymore question session on the inside pages. Hide your green eyes, girlfriend.

    BARRYMORE: Okay, magic wand time. Fantasy clothes by any designer made especially for you right now. Go.
    MORETZ: Oh, no! It’s like a ball gown or something amazingly huge and beautiful. It would probably have to be either, like, Valentino or Oscar de la Renta. And then if it was something beautiful that Audrey Hepburn might wear—you know, just perfect and cute and special—it would probably be either Givenchy or Chanel. And if it was crazy—like, amazingly psychotic—it would have to be Vivienne Westwood.

  • Are you 27 to 50 and simply devastated to be outside of Madonna‘s clothing customer base? Well, forget “Material Girl” – Generation X will soon be presented with “Truth or Dare by Madonna”. As a collaboration with licensing giant Iconix Brand Group; “Truth or Dare” will begin their 2012 launch with fragrance, then follow up with footwear, handbags, and cone bras…- I mean underwear.

  • Most people with an interest in the fashion industry tend to worship the late Lee Alexander McQueen (with all reason). His designs were inspired, technique flawless, and dedication unparalleled – making it all the more interesting that he drew reference points from Joey Tribbiani. In a recent interview, McQueen’s phenomenal ‘new’ creative director, Sarah Burton, recalls “I remember him saying to me, ‘I watched Friends last night, did you see the shirt that Joey was wearing?’ […] but then, he would get a Van Eyck book out, so it was this kind of mad mix. There’s no snobbery to it.”

  • Have a spare £60,000 lying around? Great! The dress worn by Audrey Hepburn at the Oscars in 1954 (Audrey fans will recall that this is when she won her Academy Award for Roman Holiday) is going up for auction! The dress was originally designed to resemble an outfit that costume designer – Edith Head – made for Hepburn’s character in the movie, and Kerry Taylor Auctions (the same auction house which sold Kate Middleton’s infamous fashion show dress) will sell the dress November 29th for an expected £60,000.

  • Last week, (…the man, the machine…) Tom Ford made a personal appearance at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City to promote his new cosmetics line. Reports have come in saying that he managed to reel in $52,000 in sales on that night alone, with “Bitter Bitch” – a chocolate coloured nail polish – being the first item to sell out completely.

  • Congratulations, Oscar de la Renta! The Couture Council of The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology have decided to honour the fashion genius with their Artistry of Fashion award.
  • Lana Del Rey Prabal Gurung

    Lana Del Rey in Prabal Gurung

    At the Q Awards, beautiful songstress Lana Del Rey was the recipient of the “Next Big Thing” award (which she is). Not super-fashiony news, I know, but LOOK at her Prabal Gurung Resort 2012 floral print dress! Dead. The white brogues add that perfect touch.

  • If you are at all aware of fashion on Twitter, you probably follow DKNY PR Girl. Though the ‘Twitter celebrity’ has kept her identity a secret (making us all woner, “Who is @DKNY?“), she has actually quietly revealed all!

    Say hello to Aliza Licht, the Senior Vice President of Global Communications at Donna Karan International (via her video posted to Tumblr).

  • Karl Lagerfeld is launching a new line with Net-a-Porter! Seriously, when does he sleep? For a January 25th release date, the genius designer is creating “Karl“; a 100-piece women’s collection based heavily on denim and leather. A mens collection will follow for Autumn/Winter 2012.

    Founder and executive chairman of Net-a-Porter, Natalie Massenet, said

    “We believe in this collection based on Karl’s talent, his global appeal and the product itself. It’s a very strong, well-edited collection with a great mix of street attitude and timeless chic. It also is an entire wardrobe that mixes and matches well with itself.”

  • At Teen Vogue‘s “Fashion U” classes this past weekend, over 30 fashion industry heavyweights gave their guidance and regaled stories to a large group of young, wannabe name-to-knows. One very poignant note from the weekend? Proenza Schouler now “care less about what the critics [have to say] and more about the kids on blogs … their responses are pure, and instinctual”.

  • Up until now, my perfume collection has only consisted of spray fragrances or solid bar fragrances. Not too far from now, it may include “Swallowable Parfum“: a cosmetic tablet/pill (literally) that enables human skin to emit a genetically unique scent about who we are and how we perform our identities. Basically turning our skin into an atomizer.

    I can’t lie…I really want to try this. Would you?

  • Carine Roitfeld iD
    Yes, that is in fact former editor of Vogue Paris, Carine Roitfeld, looking fierce on the cover of i-D magazine‘s Fall 2011 issue. There aren’t many other people in the fashion industry that would make more sense next to the “Dream Big” tagline, are there? The cover was captured by everyone’s most controversial big dreamer, Terry Richardson. The issue will hit newsstands in four days (September 21st).

    Arizona Muse

  • Apparently, before Arizona Muse was able to walk in the Vera Wang show, she had fainted backstage. In the pre-show run-through she was sporting a bloody knee which was also visible as she closed the show in a gorgeous silk print gown. I hope everything is OK, Fashion Week is dangerous (!), another model was also said to have had a seizure backstage at Suno.

  • Vogue’s Mommy is opening a college. The Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design will offer students a year-long Vogue fashion foundation course and 10-week intensive courses. Susie Forbes, editor of Easy Living, will serve as principal at the fashion-forward university. SIGN ME UP. Imagine the class photo.

  • The First Lady, Mrs. Michelle Obama, hosted a lunch for winners of the National Design Awards. Jason Wu and Prabal Gurung – labels of Obama’s adoration – were amongst the honorable mentions, while fashion designer J. Mendel took the cake for his exceptional work in the fashion industry.

  • Ralph Lauren will be the sole advertiser on the New York Times iPad App for the entirety of September, as they have bought out all six ad spaces (the first time for any company!). The app’s users can tour the designer’s car collection in Paris and stream exclusive fashion shows.

  • Sarah Jessica Parker has finally made a statement – to Vogue UK – to explain the decision to leave her role as Chief Creative Officer at Halston:

    “Really the business was being taken in a direction I wasn’t interested in pursuing. That’s why Harvey [Weinstein] and I decided to leave the company. I don’t regret my time there. I feel honoured to have worked there – even if only for a brief time. Halston was an amazing experience, and I’m really proud of what I got to do there and of the people I got to work with.”

  • Lindsay Lohan lost her marbles at last night’s Paper and Nine West party after a week of aggressive Fashion Week behavior (throwing drinks, elbowing random women, etc). She was harassing photographers and called a reporter a See-You-Next-Tuesday for no good reason whatsoever.

  • Remember Nancy Upton? Well, she ended up winning American Apparel’s “Next BIG Thing” contest, and the retailer seriously wasn’t happy (to the point where they released the statement below). The Consumerist sums it up well.

    It’s a shame that your project attempts to discredit the positive intentions of our challenge based on your personal distaste for our use of light-hearted language, and that “bootylicous” was too much for you to handle. While we may be a bit TOO inspired by Beyoncé, and do have a tendency to occasionally go pun-crazy, we try not to take ourselves too seriously around here. I wonder if you had taken just a moment to imagine that this campaign could actually be well intentioned, and that my team and I are not out to offend and insult women, would you have still behaved in the same way, mocking the confident and excited participants who put themselves out there? Maybe you’ll find it interesting that in addition to simply responding to customer demand and feedback, when you’re a vertically-integrated company, actual jobs are created from new size additions. In this case, for the XL women who will model them, industrial workers that make them, retail employees that sell them and beyond. That’s the amazing reality of American Apparel’s business…
    That said, we realize that we are in no way perfect and that we’re still learning. We want to do better or differently in many areas, and we are actively working on them every day. You’re literally witnessing a transparent, sincere, innovative, creative company go through puberty in the spotlight of modern media. It’s not easy!

    Oh — and regarding winning the contest, while you were clearly the popular choice, we have decided to award the prizes to other contestants that we feel truly exemplify the idea of beauty inside and out, and whom we will be proud to have representing our company.

  • Yves Carcelle, the current CEO of LVMH, is leaving his position to become president of the corporation’s forthcoming art museum, “Fondation Louis-Vuitton“, which will be opening in 2013. He will be replaced by Jordi Constans, who currently runs the ship at French food brand Danone (yep, like the yogurt).
  • Vintage Clothes

    God, I love vintage clothes. The trouble with vintage is, after the fashion industry went boom with vintage imitation, almost everyone added a 500% increase on the sales price.

    Here at the best fashion blog in the world (;D), that just isn’t acceptable. For that reason, I am offering you a 6-item selection of some of the glorious cheap vintage pieces you can find online!

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