I am not happy with my body.

Shock horror, I’m a girl. It’s expected of us, right? We have to have a “least favourite” and “most favourite” feature. We have to wish to shrink a part, and expand another. To lose inches horizontally and gain them vertically.

Well, too bad – I love the way my body looks. Though my measurements are more Kardashian than Bundchen, I am very happy with every nook and cranny. The problem? It doesn’t feel it’s best. With a weak immune system, ‘convenient’ diet and lack of purposeful exercise, I know the actions I need to take to create the fighting form of years past.

So here it is – the thirty day plan that will promote a real lifestyle change:

  • Exercise: I danced for years and when combined with soccer/football training, I had the most incredible energy and tone to my body. After trading these passions up and to join the fashion industry grind, my exercise regime and become sporadic, if not almost completely reliant on the extra burn you get from wearing stilettos around London. Exercise has been put on the backburner. Now, whether it’s running, dancing, kickboxing or more, I am dedicating at least one hour of every morning towards getting my heart pumping.
  • Food: I live by convenience. I am a good cook when I make the effort, but would honestly prefer to spend an hour working to an hour in the kitchen. This doesn’t leave me with too bad of a diet, as I love fruit and drink tons of water, but tend to reach for yogurts (though gluten makes me feel very ill), sandwiches, and “healthy” snack foods. Processed food that slows my body down. For the first thirty days – at least – I am eating all raw foods (fruit, veg, nuts) except for coffee and tea, which I consume in moderation.
  • Supplements: I am taking a daily multivitamin and detoxification phytonutrients from Functionalab. I may add more as I go along, dependent on my body’s requirements.

    I start tomorrow and will track each day (by Twitter and blog? I haven’t decided). Even if you want to do so without sharing/blogging your experience, I hope you embark on a healthy change, too!

  • Can I get an Amen from the anti-Photoshop brigades? Glamour has just released the very first talking magazine cover for their June 2011 issue. The covers features actress Olivia Wilde and effortlessly marks the growing relationship between the era of the iPad and the fashion industry. Get it.

    Daphne Guinness
    Who is Daphne Guinness? Why is she relevant to the fashion industry? The 43-year old, eccentric icon is a socialite, journalist, and massive collector of haute couture. On the ‘why is her name everywhere?’-side, she spent 12 years married to Greek shipping heir Spyros Niarchos, and is an heir to the Guinness beer fortune herself. Daphne grew up in an artists’ colony near Barcelona with Salvador Dali and the Surrealists, where her obsession with the wonderful world of fashion – especially couture armory – began. In the past few years, she has emerged as a modern pied piper of fashion, a sartorial leader who’s been cited as an inspiration to everyone from Lady Gaga to Tom Ford, from the retired Valentino to virtually the entire blogosphere. She is a model, a stylist, a collaborator, and the embodiment of that part in every woman’s heart that swells for The Beautiful Things.

    It’s a very mathematical, artistic, ancient tradition. I would never dispose of anything that I’ve had made, it has my personal stamp on it.
    Daphne Guinness on Couture

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    The Bumbys
    The Bumbys wear wigs, masks, and offer “A Fair and Honest Appraisal of Your Appearance“. They are also taking over the fashion industry, and bringing in crowds like Britney brings the crazy. The anonymous duo“Gill Bumby” and “Jill Bumby” – are performing artists armed with manual typewriters and ingenuity. The name of the game? Stand in front of them, and you get a wittier alternative to a Clinton and Stacy style assessment, eg.

    You have an Izzy Blow – but non-suicidal – super pretty face vibe. Your look is killing it today. The way I picture you is in Lula magazine, floating on a sea of chiffon and blowing bubbles in a rainstorm. Turbans equal difficult-to-pull-off, but today, and probably usually, you are a queen of awesome.

    While the idea reigns creatively, their success seems to confirm the superficial relevance of others’ judgement. Would you take part?