twiggy chelsea boots
I always see ‘summer favourites’ popping up around the beauty blogosphere but very rarely see non-cosmetic products mentioned. To be frank, very little changes in my beauty routine from Spring to Summer so I have decided to give my non-beauty favourites some blog loving, instead…

When I’m not hot-footing around London I seem to be travelling to new extremely walkable cities, therefore practically live in Chelsea boots to do so. After my last pair met their overworn end, I chose to replace them with these little beauties and get complimented on them daily. They are slightly mod, a tan-boosting cream colour, and have the perfect little all-day heel.

Lucky for you, it looks like they’ve also just landed in the sale!

phone power bank
It seems like the majority of my favourites are pretty, travel-friendly things that make life easier. The Trendz Power Bank is no exception. Because my phone often acts as my second laptop, I run the battery out faster than the average tech head. I always have my charger on me if I’m out for more than a few hours but often find myself struggling to find places to charge up between meetings.

The amount of time I’ve had to

Put simply, the Power Bank can get my phone to 100% multiple times per charge. It’s a floral godsend.

summer food favourites
This one needs subcategories.

Health hacks:
No matter how good my intentions are, leading a busy lifestyle gets in the way of my healthy lifestyle all too often. I drink litres upon litres of water and eat clean as often as I can, but love when I find little health hacks to make my efforts a little more consistent.

My two current faves are Source of Life® Green Lightning and Bioglan Superfoods Powders. Both are powder supplements that deliver a plethora of micronutrients in every scoop. Green Lightning is the more energising of the two with over 50 whole food concentrates and extracts, including fruits, vegetables, algae & herbs but the antioxidant-packed Bioglan Acai powder has the perfect ‘berry smoothie’ taste with the addition of super-healthy goji, pomegranate and blueberries.

Healthy treats:
I have developed a newfound appreciation for ice cream this month and while these three products certainly aren’t ‘health food’ they are far superior to all of their freezer food counterparts:
1) Lushice – Wait for it…cocktail sorbets. Each pot of Lushice is created using high quality fruit puree and juice sourced from the West Country, a dash of premium liquor, and clocks in at under 100 calories per 100ml, The Piña Colada flavour is life and they’re also completely vegan.
2) Wheyhey – Sugar-free and all-natural ice cream with 20g of protein per small serving cup. The added incentive is the xylitol (which is super healthy for teeth and gums). You will have definitely seen a pot or two pop up on my Instagram.
3) Remeo Gelato – Remeo uses 100% natural, high-quality ingredients and a process which means the product has 35% less fat than regular ice cream. The gluten-free gelatos taste as haute as they look (the transparent cases were designed by a fashion designer for Etro).

twiggy chelsea boots

regent street 1
There is a strange ritual many Londoners adopt wherein Bank Holidays become an excuse to leave the city.

My thoughts? That’s just more city space for me!

Rather than fleeing, I invited one of my best lady friends – Jen – down from Leeds to spend the weekend exploring Regent Street with me.

Read on for an intimate introduction to The Langham, Aubaine, The ICE Bar, Momo, Crazy Coqs at Brasserie Zedel, tibits, Margaret Dabbs at Liberty, Ristorante Frescobaldi, and more. This is ‘a day in the life’ times two, dear readers: image-heavy is an understatement.

regent street 3
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That’s a lot of A’s, eh?

Last weekend, I was invited as a guest of Ascot and their official drink sponsor, Appletiser, to experience a day at the royally-beloved racecourse. Having never experienced horse racing before, I brought one of my favourite ladies along and packed our pockets full of cheap bets.

Before the races, we kicked things off with a taste-pairing and mocktail-making masterclass alongside the lovely Kathrine Larsen (UK sommelier of the year).

After an abundance of chocolate, cheese, and Appletiser-soaked mojitos, we made our way to the brand’s private box to win some money, lose some money, and get altogether a bit too excited about the races below.

All in all, a splendid day at the races.

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booth revolution
How often can you get lots of people that you love in one room? Not often, I tell you. Not often at all.

With my next birthday approaching and no wedding or funeral on the horizon, I decided to throw a very glittery birthday party to get my nearest and dearest surrounded by fun, noms, and each other’s greatness.

We decorated…
…with packs of 16-inch metallic confetti balloons and 34-inch giant gold numbers from Bubblegum Balloons (the latter of which are still floating strong). Because the main room we held the party in has quite low ceilings and LED spotlights, we chose not to secure them but them them float just above people’s heads like confetti-filled clouds. The numbers, however, were held down with Bubblegum’s adorable little weights.

The majority of other supplies were all from Partyrama and their party superstore; the inflatable beer pong trophy, clear beer pong cups, gold and silver cups, gold and silver serving trays, table confetti, printed gold napkins, et al. It’s all in the details.

We ate…
cake pops to amuse the bouche and the incredible 10-inchers from Pizza Loco and their mobile pizza train. As well as being an insane visual addition to the party, the train delivered specialist pizzas as fresh as they come; the Magic Mushroom (chestnut and field mushrooms, oven roasted garlic, cheddar and mozzarella sprinkled with Parmesan and truffle oil), the French Melt (mozzarella cheese, prosciutto, French Brie or Camembert, and rocket), and the Analucian (mozzarella and Manchego cheese, spicy chorizo, and mixed marinated olives).

We posed…
…for hours upon hours in the ingenious Booth Revolution photo booth. With ex-policeman Nigel manning the booth (and ever so kindly catching flyaway beer pong balls for us), the four-person booth became Party Central.

And often filled with more than four people.

Though Booth Revolution have deluxe-sized booths, the ‘classic’ option was party perfect and came with three hours hire time, the lovely Nigel (though I’m sure he doesn’t come with every party), a props box, backdrop, unlimited instant 6 x 4” prints, a password protected online gallery, unlimited downloads (6 x 4” size), a disc of all the images, and full set up and break down.

We drank…
…and drank and drank. Beer pong, a magnum of Prosecco, and an emptied bar cart on top of my generous (and loose) punch pouring makes for happy faces all ’round.

We listened…
To this month’s party playlist on Spotify, obvs.

birthday party
birthday party
birthday party pizza loco
booth revolution
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whats in my handbag
It has been quite some time (and quite a few handbags) since I last conducted a blog tour of my day-to-day haul around town.

Since then, my business has grown aggressively, my tech kit has taken on a life of its own, and this beautiful double-zipped handbag from Pied a Terre has found its rightful place on my arm.

What’s In My Handbag?

Front compartment:
To be frank, this post is mostly an excuse to gush about the new LG G3. While my keys, passport, rail card and multiple Oyster cards all serve their purpose, my star of my handbag is the new LG G3. In my opinion, it is far superior to every other smartphone on the market.

Though a full video review of the G3 will be coming (you have to see some of the features to understand just how groundbreaking and intuitive the smartphone is), two of the main reasons I love it are:
– The camera (the 13-megapixel camera has laser auto focus and dual LED flash!)
– The weight (with the amount of stuff I need to tote around during a work day, having a slimline device that lets me control my inboxes, Google Drive, social media, photos, and more – all on a quad HD display – is incredible).

With all that said, just stay tuned for the full review!

Rear compartment:
To keep everything neat and tidy, I use a small silver purse to hold my cards (front pocket), business cards (main pocket) and money. I then use a slightly larger gold purse to hold my ‘diabetes paraphernalia’, L’Occitane hand cream, and go-to lip products (a day and night red lip, as it were).

Outside of the purses I have my blue mirror-lensed Guess sunglasses and a cookies and cream Quest Bar, leaving the small zip compartment for receipts and tissues.

Obviously, the first compartment totally wins.

Not pictured: my laptop (only in the handbag during business hours) and SLR (though the bag has plenty of room for it, I have no desire to lug it around town when I’m not specifically out to take photos).

What is your favourite item in your handbag?

whats in my handbag
whats in my handbag
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