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After announcing the lucky winner of the digital camera, it is time to continue my advocacy for British Gas’ amazing Smart Meters by updating you all on the campaign’s progress!

At this point, it is more than obvious for anyone to see how important the smart meters rollout is in the development of the future home. As you can see in the above infographic, 60% of our energy bills are currently dominated by heating and the lack of control means we often end up wasting money. Not only that, but even leaving our gadgets on standby or charging too long (guilty! guilty!) creates an energy deficit – a whopping £740million waste across the UK! At the end of the day, it is all about awareness; being involved in this campaign has encouraged me to change my energy habits for the better.

The Smart Meters ethos just gets it. With the information at your fingertips, it is all about making smarter and smarter choices. Every little helps, after all.

national lottery
Fact of all indisputable facts: there is not a single soul in the world that wouldn’t love to win The National Lottery. While, obviously, ‘you have to be in it to win it’, a £2 line of Lotto numbers seems like an incredibly small price to pay (literally less than my daily latte) for the chance to win a life-changing sum of money. Does it scare you to hear that the lottery will be changing? It shouldn’t! This October, Lotto from The National Lottery are actually upping the ante for those of us ‘in it to win it’ by…

a) …giving us bigger jackpots! The average Saturday jackpot will increase to around £5 million and the Wednesday jackpot will increase to around £2.5 million.
b) …offering bigger prizes for matching three numbers! The prize for matching three numbers will more than double, increasing from £10 to £25.
c) …creating a new Lotto raffle! Starting this October, at least 50 winners will scoop a guaranteed £20,000 in each Lotto draw, and if the jackpot rolls, the number of raffle winners will also increase! As per usual, players will continue to choose six numbers out of 49, only now with a raffle number printed at the bottom of their ticket.

Imagine what you could do with £20,000! Though I have always had the idea that I would save or invest half if I ever (silly conscience!) won a substantial amount of money, that still gives me £10,000 to play with.

The hitlist:
Red Chloé Susanna studded leather ankle boots (leaves £9,210).
Proenza Schouler PS1 Medium Lambskin Mailbag (leaves £8,125.20).
Anthropologie Cosette bed (leaves £6,454.20).
Pied a Terre Monaco mink chaise lounge (leaves £4,782.20).
Donation to Diabetes UK (leaves £3,500).
The last £3,500? A ’til-the-money-runs-out trip to South East Asia.

What would you buy?

lottery prizes
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Week on Instagram
Instagram (@lelalondon) – left to right, top to bottom:
1. Off to Brugge! #morning
2. Not trying to be fresh, but you definitely want some of my waffle… (New Food for Thought at HungerTV.com!)
3. Manfriend and I are colouring on the ocean on the way to Calais. Big pimpin’.
4. Loved ones.
5. #TBT. I took a photo a day last year. Looking back, it feels like decades ago.
6. Pretty, pretty post.
7. London. Stroll action.
8. Style Swap at Westfield Stratford City (blog!).

Instagram Movie Premiere
Instagram (@lelalondon) – left to right, top to bottom:
1. BOOM! Gonna getcha, Iron Man.
2. Two of my favourite people are getting legally bound. I lust their invite.
3. It’s okay…I judge me, too.
4. Uh oh. Birchbox have stolen my ❤.
5. Just upped my iced latte with chocolate-flavoured vegan protein and vitamins. Bliss.
6. One of my favourite photos I’ve ever taken… MOROCCO POST IS NOW LIVE! ✌
7. One more sunny meeting then it’s time to unpack (finally!)
8. I just made this at Tom Aikens with Wild At Heart. Still not as beautiful as the food.
9. Mr Charnley knows how to treat a lady.
10. #Latergram: red carpet, red dress.
11. Hammam and lunch. In the words of Rosie Londoner, “fresh like a baby”. (Blog coming soon!)
12. I need to go to handbag/luggage therapy.

Instagram screenshot

Hello, beauties and dude beauties!

Update time: over the past two weeks, life has thrown me for a major loop. Though all should be Happy Shiny Rainbow Time within the next week, things like moves from hell and broken desktops mean I have missed a few days of blogging. As a bit of a blog addict this obviously goes noticed much more by me than it does by you lovely girls and boys, but I wanted to keep you in the loop nonetheless.

There is a lot to come – including competitions! – as soon as Snuffleupagus (my iMac) comes back from the dead, but for now:

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