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3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting a Tattoo

1) Can I commit to this design for life? Both of my tattoos have very important meanings to me and were designs I thought about for a long time, considering their permanence, designs I decided I would be happy to have on my body at 97 years old. They are easy to conceal (should I be in an environment that asked for it), black and white (because I wear a lot of colour), and represent nothing ‘fleeting’ – just an artistic expression of my happiness.
2) What is my pain tolerance? Tattoos are no cake walk. You are essentially, scarring your skin with ink and that doesn’t come without pain. If you have a low pain tolerance, you may want to start small.
3) Will this tattoo improve my life? Tattoos are expensive, painful and permanent. There are many other ways to express yourself (fashion, art, etc) if your concept doesn’t seem to be ‘worth’ the aforementioned!

If you’re still game…

Find a tattoo artist!

Hands down the most important part. At 18, I went to the most renowned tattoo parlour in my local town and looked through their portfolios for hours before choosing my artist. I actually loved my artist so much I returned to America – six years later – to get my second tattoo done by her. Since my last tattoo, Instagram has become an absolute haven for discovering tattoo artists (showing real time portfolio updates) – I recommend researching for at least a few weeks to decide who is best for you and who might be able to bring your concept to life in the way that makes you happiest. The right artist, regardless of style, will always be open to any questions or queries you have beforehand. Including design work-shopping. Don’t settle for anything less.

Test your tattoo out!

Before the final step, it is absolutely worth testing your tattoo design on your body. While this can be done with henna or temporary tattoo pens, Londoner’s are in for an absolute treat this weekend when Lenovo launches its Illuminated Ink Tattoo Parlour in Soho. From the 22nd to 23rd of April (11am-5pm), Lenovo is pop-upping the UK’s first projection tattoo parlour powered by the YOGA Tablet 3 Pro, with its in-built projector in collaboration with renowned tattooist James King. The tattoos are mapped directly onto skin using nothing but light and the event is completely free to attend, so worth a trip even if you’ve decided temporary tattoos are as committed as you’ll get!

Where: 15 Bateman Street, Soho, London, W1D 3AQ

As always, I’m happy to answer any of your questions – tattoos and otherwise – on Twitter (@lelalondon), Snapchat (lelalondoB), Facebook (@lelalondon), and Instagram (@lelalondon)!

* Photo from this outfit post.

ras al kaimah
As suggested in the desert safari travel blog, the personal intrigue of a trip to Ras al Khaimah churned in the thrill of undiscovered territory.

If anything, the Emirate is renowned for both its proximity to Dubai and its luxury resorts. Neither are qualities I rate with personal importance.

Somehow still, Ras al Kaimah charmed me.

Having spent a few frenzied months in climates that will shiver anyone’s timbers, exiting my final night flight to a warm breeze and a one-terminal airport took a weight off my shoulders I didn’t l realise I was buried under.

As a culture junkie, I would never have built an itinerary around it, yet spent the majority of the following three days swapping between robe and bikini around the grounds of the DoubleTree by Hilton Resort & Spa: Marjan Island.

Not even the bolshiest traveller can refuse paradise when it’s on their doorstep.

From the warm cookie on arrival to the caring send-off from our genuinely lovely airport transfer driver, DoubleTree ticked every available box.

The resort, in fact, felt like an expansive microcosm of the unusual city around it.

An accidental ghost town with soft flashes of Arabian influence amidst white sandy beaches and long stretches of motorway, Ras al Khaimah proved to be very untouched, indeed. Consistent with the rest of the UAE, the culture revolves around the religion of Islam and Arabian architecture, influence, and – most enjoyably – food.

From September to March, Ras al Kaimah is an idyllic host for the traveller in search or R ‘n’ R (less so in the Summer months, where record highs of up to 118 degrees Fahrenheit sus​t​ain the Emirate’s farming infertility).

Personally, Ras al Khaimah made me feel incredibly thankful. As much for the translucent azure waters as the death-defying desert dunes. The adjacency and availability of such conflicting experiences – almost around the corner from each other – is an unusual gift.

With Qatar Airways launching direct flights from Doha to the city, Ras al Khaimah is a Londoner’s long weekend hotspot I never imagined I would so joyfully recommend.

What I Wore:
St Thomas ring bandeau bikini – Heidi Klein (similar here)
Silk kaftan – Jage Jagger (similar here)

ras al kaimah
ras al kaimah
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hertz camp
At the beginning of the month I headed to the outskirts of London with a few members of Team Lela London to share The Secrets of Lifestyle Blogging with a slew of wonderful bloggers and brand at Blogstock – the world’s first blogging festival!

After kicking off three days of blogger festivities in the Debate Tent, the team and I wellied our way over to the VIP Hertz glamping camp and christened our new home with a brief but brilliant in-teepee Disney singalong.

The weekend was a blissful blur of entrepreneurship, inspiration, and hella girl power. Thank you so much to everyone who came to see me and be sure to let me know if you have any post-presentation questions!

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christmas day
Yesterday was a special day. I am not necessarily one for religious festivities, but Christmas is my definite exception: spending time with wonderful people, watching your loved one’s faces light up when they open a present you’ve been trying to hide for weeks, the food, the family, the ability to become exhausted when you haven’t left the house…I love it all.

After The Boyfriend stole my OnePiece (but exchanged it for a unicorn onesie, #nocomplaints) yet again, Christmas Day 2013 went a little something like…”I bought you a ski lift!”, “I bought you a gun!”, The Boyfriend getting tricked out with new cricket gear (including his dream cricket bat – which might be my favourite purchase ever), “I bought you some pants!” (x 3974692), brilliant and thoughtful gifts in general, ‘Christmas Dinner’ aka lunch aka cannot eat anything else past 4pm, The Ultimate Sticky Toffee Pudding, happy family engagements (!), Christmas puppies, giggles, Dads falling off of their son’s new longboards (ahem), macarons, champagne, and much more.

We finished the night by heading over to our family friends’ house and being coerced into male vs. female competition. Naturally, the women annihilated the men…boys…in a quiz, charades, and SingStar.

It’s a day I’ll never forget. (It’s Christmas. Please indulge the cheesy.)

christmas day
christmas day
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