Ecko Tattoo
Ecko Unlimited started handing out 20% lifetime discounts to those who decided to get a permanent tattoo of a) the brand’s rhino or b) oversized shears, just two weeks ago. Currently, over thirty (sane?) individuals have taken them up on their “Branded For Life” campaign. My favourite – as seen on – is above.

Is there a brand that you would tattoo yourself for if you received a 20% discount in return? What about 50%?


Let’s get straight past the crazy: the industry is gearing up for a Lifetime movie, right? Was I unaware we were involved in some Shakespearean method acting? This has been one of the most bizarre fashion weeks to date. See below:

  • John Galliano (rightly) accepted personal responsibility for his actions.
    – Fired (replacement: Alessandra Facchinetti FTW).
    – Got kicked out of his attempt to appear at Dior.
  • Christophe Decarnin (the designer) was absent for Balmain’s A/W 2011 runway show.
    – Insiders say that he has actually been in a mental hospital since mid-January.
    – Apparently the in-house design team and stylist Melanie Ward (who replaced Emmanuelle Alt after she stepped down to focus on her new role as editor in chief of Vogue Paris) designed it all.
    Balmain say he’s been snoozing.