lip tattoos
During LFW Spring/Summer 2012, temporary lip tattoos dominated as a street style beauty trend – cheetah prints, stripes, and ombre styles galore. While lip tattoos are certainly nothing new, they are moving towards the mainstream and today was the first day I tried my hand at them.

I learned a few things:

  • Even if the pack recommends you cut the design to the shape of your lips, don’t. It is easier to clean up ‘extra lip’ than it is to get the design to spread to other areas (see below!)
  • Let the water SOAK on the non-product side of the lip applique. If you remove it too early, there is no way to achieve your desired look besides starting with a new pack.
  • To clean up edges, dip a Q-tip in baby oil and apply to edges/excess product.
  • If you avoid extra lip products and greasy food, these suckers don’t move. All day. I am confident they are the longest lasting “lipstick” around, next to permanent cosmetic make-up.

The lip tattoos above (L-R): Violent Lips silver glitter, Union Jack “Passion” lips, and Stargazer – “pink dots sexy pout”.

temporary lip tattoo

bobbi brown pale pink
Excuse the bedhead. Though I never do “Face of The Day” (FOTD) posts, I have found a new discovery that I want to share!

I wanted my makeup to be quite feminine and Mother’s Day-friendly today, but – as I am rocking weekend laziness – wanted to make no effort. The Makeup Gods were feeling me as I saw a little tub of Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Pale Pink sitting atop my miscellaneous beauty box. Though the only other makeup I wore was a swipe of eyeliner, this baby gave a really fresh pop of colour when used sparingly on the cheeks. I also used it under Rodial’s Glam Balm Lip on my lips.

1-minute makeup. Holla.

Spring Summer 2012 Beauty
I was so incredibly impressed by the beauty trends of Spring/Summer 2012, I can’t hold it in!

As a former make-up artist, I can appreciate the creativity and effort that goes into the more extravagant beauty trends, but hate to see them ‘inspiring’ young girls into cake-facing themselves. Personal preference, of course, as I am a woman who rarely wears colour anywhere but the lips.

For that reason, I am going crazy over S/S 2012. With a plethora of fresh-faced looks that would be pretty easy to interpret from home, it fit into the ‘natural’ beauty ideals that I rave about without being boring. 9 out of 10 shows featured flawless enhancements of natural beauty – and I hope it catches on!

Which one of these looks would you like to see in a make-up tutorial? View Post

Vogue Russia Tan Jamie Nelson
Vogue Russia‘s Райское изобилие – or “Heavenly Abundance” – is not a fashion spread for those who can’t fathom fashion sarcasm. In the shoot for their May 2011 issue, we have Kate Netolicka selling us a categorically Nineties way of over-doing it. From skin to accessories, the Jamie Nelson-shot photos are iced in gold and orange, with a sprinkling of papaya whipped lips. Fantastically trashy. View Post

Siri Tollerod
When it comes to most celebrity/model-endorsed cosmetic lines, you can feel the “I’ve been coaxed into this” vibe. An upcoming line of multi-purpose lipsticks created by Siri Tollerød doesn’t run that risk. What will be called “Siri for Zanzuel” will be used three ways – for the lips, eyes, and cheeks – and will be sold both online and in Scandinavian salons for Spring 2011. No ridiculous endorsements – just a solid beauty product. A must have!