Rapsodie LOfficiel
After listening to “Tearin’ Up My Heart” three times today (judge me all you like), I am currently feeling very Nineties. In creative response, I figured now would be the perfect time to post “Rapsodie” from L’Officiel magazine’s November 2011 issue. The fashion styling modelled by Alyssa Miller and Rachel Ballinger – courtesy of Vanessa Bellugeon – is fun, wild, and balanced well under the grainy tone of Alexander Neumann‘s lens. Pre-millenium perfection. View Post

Sasha Luss LOfficiel
How brilliant is Sasha Luss in this spread (titled “Крылья, бренды, и хвосты”…don’t ask me) from the June 2011 issue of Central Asia’s L’Officiel. She is absolute a face to watch, and is expertly complimented by the photography of Alikhan (why don’t we see more of Alikhan?!) and styling of Anna Burmistrova. I’m getting major hair inspiration, guys…major. View Post