old makeup
We all seem to get very thoughtful and retrospective in the week between Christmas and New Year. Following the fashion, I became rather pensive during a cosmetics clear-out today and thought I would share with you the oldest makeup I own (and for hygienic reasons, never use).

Left to right:
Swimming by MAC
Though my eyes change colour, their most dominant colour is green. When I was 12, I believed my first venture into coloured eyeshadows was ‘safe’ if I matched the colour to my eyes. It is a medium and grassy green with a gold shimmer and subtle gold sheen in their ‘Lustre’ finish. I think I’ve used it twice. The shimmer is gorgeous, but I have very few occasions that call for such a green. Amazingly, the eyeshadow has yet to be discontinued.

Ruby & Millie in Pink 485P
The first lipstick I owned. This shade of ‘pink’ is, in fact, very orange and was given to me by a very gaudy and fabulous family friend. Before I knew the incredible talent of Ruby Hammer and Millie Kendall I can remember using this as a pre-teen and thinking that it made me a ‘woman’. It has since moved with me internationally…six times.

Groupie by MAC
The pink lipstick that marks my first visit to a MAC counter. A sugary sweet lustre finish which is well and truly discontinued. This hue does absolutely nothing for my skin tone but happened to be the ‘hot’ colour of the year when I saved my pocket money to purchase it. If any product makes me a hoarder, it’s this one.

old makeup

texture fashion
With Spring rearing its beautiful head, I am craving sheer everything right now. To start this look, we have the Eril Sheer Blouse With Exposed Back Detail; I love the fact that it has a quirky collar and a scooped hemline, as I don’t want this look to be too ‘lingerie’. Next, we have the pastel-packed Haniss chain print pencil skirt which ties straight into the collar of the blouse. By adding the Black Leather Tie Dye Shopper from Urban Outfitters, there are so many textures working in this look that no other accessories will be needed, and it matches both the chains and collar of Eril & Haniss.

Play around with the burnt pastel colours in the MAC Call Me Bubbles: Eye Shadow Quad and throw on some Bianta suede platform shoe bootsfor an East London vibe – and you’re good to go.

MAC Bloggers Obsessions
What happens when nine beauty bloggers get invited to MAC Cosmetics production center in Toronto? Their most modern and intimate make-up collection to date.

About eighty entries were received by the cosmetics company after bloggers were asked to submit photography, a colour concept and product name for their dream lipglass or eyeshadow. The end results are seen here, and will be available at MAC Cosmetics from June 21st. I am almost as excited for this as I was their Wonderwoman collection – anything to support the blogging community!

Eye Shadows:
Beauty Blogging Junkie, Amber Katz
Sparkle Neely, Sparkle – A deep rusty brown with champagne-colored sparkle

Temptalia, Christine Mielke
Jealousy Wakes – Seething emerald green with teal and gold pearl

Lipstick Powder N Paint, Lesley Ellen Mirza
Parisian Skies – A muted grey-blue

The Makeup Girl, Lianne Farbes
Hocus Pocus – A dark, sooty grey with silver pearl

Makeup and Beauty Blog, Karen Monterichard
Evolution Revolution – A warm peachy pink with subtle purple, green and blue micro glitter

Afrobella, Patrice Yursik
All Of My Purple Life – Deep purple/grape with subtle sparkle

Beauty Maverick, Lily Nima
Caqui – Persimmon orange

The Shades of You, Aileen De Los Angeles
Sonoran Rain – Deep coral-red with gold and silver pearl

Nitrolicious, Wendy Lam
Nitro:licious 2046 – An intense, shiny red
MAC Bloggers Obsessions

Dita von Teese Gaultier CoutureI’m in love with Dita Von Teese. Notorious for her glamorous burlesque performances, she has an all-day, every-day devotion to retro style from head to toe that is matched by no-one.

A MAC Cosmetics spokesmodel and bombshell with designer love for Marc Jacobs and Christian Dior, she seems to have her finger on everything within reach. It’s also all her own, notably saying “…the one time I hired a stylist, they picked up a pair of my 1940s shoes and said, ‘These would look really cute with jeans.’ I immediately said, ‘You’re out of here.”
The only person we know works directly for Dita is Catherine D’lish – her best friend and designer/collaborator of all her on-stage costumes.

She has walked fashion weeks for Moschino Cheap & Chic, Heatherette, Giambattista Valli, and Jean Paul Gaultier (as you saw yesterday.) Gaultier’s show was especially fabulous thanks to the va-va-voom of von Teese’s sartorial striptease. Click for more.

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