With news of Alexa Chung joining forces with Eyeko to create an eye-popping collaboration collection I came to a realisation: I’m addicted to Eyeko.

Three quarters of my ‘daily face’ products are Eyeko. With a swipe of Skinny Eyeliner in black, a coat of Black Magic mascara, a brush-through of brow gel, and a few dots of BB cream (FaceKo for the future?), I’m a walking advertisement.

Not only that, but many of their other products are in frequent rotation in my MUA kit. Their Liquid Metal eyeliners in Rose Gold and Black Onyx are waterproof wedding staples and beautifully pigmented. The liquids of all liquids, and perfect companions to Eyeko’s lengthening Skinny Brush mascara (Bambi eyes in a tube). Every bride I have given a tube of Skinny Brush to has been converted; thanks to pro-vitamin B, the formula promotes growth and prevents lash breakage in the weeks running up to their wedding, while it creates smudge-proof peepers on their big day.

Last but not least, the secret weapon: Eyeko’s Black Magic mascara in Midnight Blue. The pigment makes all eye colours sparkle while the brush shape pushes each lash into a come-hither curl.

Peace, Love, and Eyeko.


I have to do some brand gushing. I never actively search for “the next best thing” in the tanning or mascara categories, but ModelCo have recently surprised me with some excellent contenders.

First up, their award-winning mascara, Fibre Lash Brush-on False Lashes. One of the few beauty products in this industry that does what it says on the tin. Basically, the mascara works in two tubes – Extension Mascara and Lash Fibres. Starting with the mascara, you apply one layer and top it off with the brush-on fibres. The fibres are designed to adhere to your own lashes to create extra volume and length. You secure the fibres by applying the mascara once more. Maybe 60 seconds more work than your average mascara, but these ‘wow lashes’ are water resistant, smudge-proof, tear-proof, and removed easily with warm water or make-up remover. Completely worth it.

Then we have the Tan Airbrush in a Can (which was, in fact, the world’s first ever airbrush self tanner!) As a rule of pale thumb, I almost never touch self tanners. This product, however, works perfectly on top of well-moisturised for a streak-proof and natural tan.

The formula dispenses in a superfine mist that contains aloe vera and cocoa butter which I find really helps it penetrate into the skin quickly. A little goes a long way and the instant bronzer helps you keep check of where it has been applied. I assume it would result in quite a dark tan if I hadn’t moisturised heavily beforehand, but would be just as easy to apply. Fool-proof and orange-proof.

lash blast luxe
Welcome to my new favourite mascara that is my almost-old favourite mascara. Let me explain…

In 2007, I decided I wanted to start playing with make-up…on myself. Until that point, I was the go-to make-up artist for everyone’s special events, proms, etcetera…but never actually wore make-up on my own face. The same week that I hit the drugstore for new tools, Covergirl had released a mascara called “Lash Blast“. Down to what I’m sure is subliminal messaging in between episodes of One Tree Hill, the mascara ended up in my basket.

And since that day, I have probably ‘hit pan’ on over ten of those orange tubes. While the large molded brush was initially an ignored gimmick, the mascara’s conditioning waxes coated each lash to voluminous perfection and never clumped. “If a drugstore mascara can make me this fluttery,” I thought to myself, “…imagine what high-end products would look like!”

But the Diorshow’s and Faux Cils of the $24+ variety didn’t deliver quite like Lash Blast. Imagine my horror when, a month after moving to London, I found out that Covergirl didn’t retail in the UK.

Maybe not horror. Displeasure.

Here’s the climax! Last week, while stumbling around for water in the 90-degree heat of Manhattan, I ended up in a Duane Reade. A Duane Reade that had a whole shelf full of my long lost love. Because I’m completely illogical, I opted for the “Lash Blast Luxe” rather than the “Lash Blast” I was used to. Thankfully, I haven’t been disappointed.

Big lash warning: below!

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yumi lashes
Would you believe me if I told you that Yumi Lashes weren’t extensions? No? I promise, they’re not! While the photos above are both makeup-free, the big (and curly) difference in the ‘after’ photo is the effect of the Yumi lash treatment.

I never curl my eyelashes, so I was taken aback to be greeted by lengthened, curled, and fluttery lashes at the end of the treatment. Remember, this is no mascara…no false lashes…nada.

How do they get these results without committing to fakery? Five steps: a Lift, Fix, Nourish, Adhesive, and Tint process (all gentle and nutrient-rich) which secures the shape of your eyelashes over a small lash-pad which rests on your eye. During the treatment, your lower lashes are also protected with a gel pad which delivers an anti-ageing eye treatment. After 45 relaxing minutes, you open your eyes to the ‘after’ photo.

The treatment lasts eight weeks (the average lash cycle) and Yumi provides a keratin-based nourishing mascara and small ‘lash styler’ comb to keep your lashes in long and strong form.

You can try out Yumi Lashes at Harrods’ Urban Retreat.

Kim Kardashian Wedding Make Up
If you’ve somehow managed to the avoid the media frenzy, you may be interested in knowing that Kim Kardashian is getting married to Kris Humphries this weekend!

Since rumours are flying around that the Kurvaceous Kardashian (I had to do it) thinks her wedding will “be bigger than the royal wedding“, and I did a breakdown of Kate Middleton’s make-up pre-wedding, I figured a Kardashian wedding make-up tutorial (aka make-up guesstimation!) was in order.

Kim Kardashian’s three key make-up traits (seen in the photo at the end of the post) are as follows – smokey eye, false lashes, highlighting. Since we’re all not as lucky to have Mario Dediavanovic – King of the Smokey Eye and Kim Kardashian’s make-up artist – on hand, follow the simple steps below to create a flawless and photo-friendly look!

  • You’ve got to start with perfect skin. Though Kim Kardashian is constantly wearing liquid foundation, it blends seamlessly with her skin, so use a product like Make Up For Ever‘s HD Invisible Cover Foundation and touch up any blemishes or pigmentation still visible with MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer. Seal your perfect base with Clinique‘s Gentle Light Powder in Glow 3. The reflective pigments will ‘airbrush’ your skin in photos, but won’t wash you out.
  • Eyes! Because Miss Kardashian likes to wear a smokey eye even while working out, I didn’t want to stray too far from the ‘drama’ while keeping it fresher than a red carpet look (wedding photos last forever, after all). Highlight your inner corner, lid and browbone in Urban Decay Shimmer Eyeshadow in Midnight Cowgirl. Use a toffee tone with a hint of grey (Urban Decay Shimmer Eyeshadow in Sellout) to sculpt a smokey eye from your socket and above, continuing the same colour on your lower lash line. Use Stila Stay All Day Eyeliner on your upper lash line only, and pop natural-looking false eyelashes (my favourite are Mister Mascara‘s in Harrods) on top to really open up the look. I used Lash Power mascara, as well, as it is specially formulated not to run if the tears start flowing!
  • Fill in your eyebrows with NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder in a shade slightly darker than to your hair colour. Don’t be heavy handed, as there is a lot of structure in your eye area already.
  • For your cheeks, use a Ramy Cosmetics Juicy Cheeks to highlight the top of your cheekbone and a warm, rosy mineral blush from your apples to your ears.
  • For lips, use a long-wearing lipstick, and line your lips with Borghese Longevita lipliner over the top. By lining after the initial application, it looks much more natural. For a perfectly plump pout – a Kardashian must have – apply lip gloss only in the center of the lips. Estee Lauder’s Lip Color Set gives you every other tool you need.
  • Spritz with Mist & Fix. You want it to last all day!
  • Obviously, I’m a million shades lighter than the Armenian goddess, so this is a look that can really work for everyone. Hopefully, you all will share your interpretations or guesstimates of her wedding look!

    (Also, I’m hoping Kim Kardashian’s wedding dress looks like this! A flattering change from the norm.)
    Kim Kardashian Wedding