Wonder Woman Costume
As Michael Kors would say, this can only be described as “insane crotch“. Jeggings on a superhero? Though a worse costume was revealed in a promo shot of Adrianne Palicki (Diana Prince) a few weeks ago, the fan resistance didn’t fix the problem. Wardrobe malfunctions aplenty, I feel. Regardless, my lifelong obsession with Wonder Woman means I will be sucked into David E. Kelly‘s upcoming series for NBC no matter the clothing tragedy.

Fashion Design
Here is your chance, Future Fashion Designers of Wherever! You’re welcome.

I’m a Casting Producer out here in Los Angeles. I’m casting a new show on NBC currently titled “The Fashion Project” from the original producers from “Project Runway“. We’re looking for local designers, whether it be amateur, professionals, people who work from home, etc to compete on this new fashion show. The winner gets their entire line/brand launched in a major retail store across the country.

Kimberly Kessler
Casting Producer
Untitled Fashion Project on NBC
(O) 323-297-7117
(F) 323-297-7101