Lady Gaga Nicola Formichetti
Gilt Groupe is having a Lady Gaga sale! Basically, Gilt and Gilt City have asked Nicola Formichetti (Gaga’s stylist) to curate some Gaga-esque fashion for both men and women. In addition, many “experiences” will be available for purchase, like VIP tickets to a Lady Gaga performance, an invitation to a Mugler fashion show, and even a dress she wore when modelling in said show last fashion week.

It’s both a great promotional tool for her new album and a wonderful cause – all of the proceeds are being donated to the Robin Hood Foundation. See more below!

Amy Winehouse Candid in Camden with Lela LondonPlease excuse the idiot face and Olsen-smile, I was with a goddess of sorts.┬áThat’s correct – today I spent a couple of minutes with Amy Winehouse.

Traipsing along the back roads of Camden, Winehouse was dressed in a black wifebeater, denim cutoffs, oodles of gold jewelry (including a gold Star of David) and a very exposed pink bra. I report she was sadly not seeming ‘at her best’ as the few fans that spotted her seemed to really catch her off guard, but she was a pleasure to talk to nonetheless.

In a brief chat (with a blonde female acquaintance nearby but silent), she revealed that she was definitely releasing a new album ‘in five months from today’, gave me directions to her house, and talked about ‘starting fresh in the area’.

She may not be especially coherent but she is unbelievably talented and with rumours that Lady Gaga may be helping with her album…well…you know I’ll be a pre-ordering fool.