the apartment lfw
The Apartment – Fashion Week’s favourite blogger hub – was back and better than ever this season.

Stunning flowers from Interflora lined what could be the most impeccable apartment in London. With closets (and washing machines) packed full of garments from Next, Opening Ceremony, Russell & Bromley and many more, it also happened to be constantly filled with the best dressed ladies in London.

Though I had an unbelievably packed schedule, personal highlights included daily breakfast from Balthazar, beauty chat with the Birchbox team, a much-needed makeover from the guys at Sassoon and Laura Mercier, Ryan Gosling (obvs), and a quiet 10 minutes to recharge on the bed, flipping through fashion’s best coffee table books.

I truly feel like I’m leaving school for the Summer when Fashion Week ends. I am so proud of the work that Abi, The Apartment Team, and all my fellow bloggers have achieved. ‘Til next season…


the apartment lfw
the apartment lfw
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oxblood fashion
Oxbloodthe colour – has received the fashion industry’s stamp of approval for Autumn/Winter 2012 and, like all good trends, it seems to have started with the Duchess of Cambridge. With Princess Charlene of Monaco showing up to Akris’ Paris Fashion Week show last week in an oxblood sheath, it seems other royal ladies are quickly falling in line. Catherine (ah, let’s just call her Kate Middleton) was most recently spotted in an oxblood-coloured suit by Paule Ka.

Thankfully, you don’t need to rock a title to rock the trend. The trick to wearing the colour is working with rich, heavy fabrics and keeping clear of strong purple tones that will shift the tone into the ‘burgundy’ category.

Get The Look:
Guess Handbags Gerri box satchel
Alexander McQueen leather iPad 2 case
Topshop ribbed pleated skirt
Dune asymmetrical point court
Glint Wisteria earrings
Prancer croc riding boots
Topshop sport bra
Opening Ceremony babydoll coat

Olympic Fashion

The Olympic Uniforms: 2012

My beautiful home city of London is playing host to the Olympic Games this year (news for those living under a rock) and the city is full of sports lovers from all over the world. Despite the whole sports thing, it seems like the beauty and fashion industries have made a point to get involved, as well. Though I have never watched The Games before, even I found myself excited and live-tweeting through the entire Opening Ceremony. I must have type-vomited over 50 tweets; not a topic left unturned – naughty MP comments, Mr Bean, Opening Ceremony fashion…

I have to say, each country’s uniforms were a riot all on their own. This year, the looks ranged from preppy to pretty, boring to controversial. The biggest fuzz was made about the US Team uniform: white trousers and skirts with a navy blue blazer designed by Ralph Lauren. Minimalist, patriotic, and a bit of a snooze. Though the Ivy League-looking ensemble didn’t tick the style boxes, the big controversy was actually down the the fact that these patriotic uniforms were “Made in China”.

When it came to my home country, the Opening Ceremony outfits for Team GB were a little bit “Jimmy Saville” (long live the high shine shell suit). The saving grace came from Stella McCartney’s competitive uniforms and Next’s  formal wear. A noticeable departure from gold lamé, the formal wear is a dapper blend of navy professionalism and flight attendant chic. After all, as an Olympian there is nothing better than throwing on a watch from Panterai and being able to have a “Flight Captain” costume party outfit for years to come. Bang for your Olympic buck!

Fashion done right

The motherland of fashion, France, did everything right with their uniforms. White shirts and trousers, deep navy blazers, and red shoes (they completed the tricolour). In true Parisian style, they worked with something very elegant, simple and stylish. You would never expect that these understated ensembles were designed by Adidas. Not to say they abandoned their sartorial empire – on the other hand, the incredible french label Hermès is responsible for the nation’s equestrian outfits. You simply can’t top that! Once again, I am taking a look at to complete the look (with an Audemars Piguet, sweetie darling). Something about sportswear and shiny timepieces…

While Italy also added a designer touch to their uniform – sup, Armani – there is only one country that qualifies to take the cake in the Fashion Olympics. That country is Cook Islands. With their floral headbands (a la Lana del Rey) and Jonathan Saunders-inspired batik prints, these guys are obviously going for the sartorial gold.

What has been your favourite style moment of London 2012, so far?

coachella fashion
It hasn’t exactly been Coachella weather over here in ol’ Blighty. *rings out hair*

Thankfully, Motilo have been running an “Americana” (aka Coachella-perfect) competition on their site, and thus have TONS of summery inspiration floating around their mood boards. Crank up the heating, get in your feather headdress/bikini, and taa daa – it’s almost like you’re watching Kasabian in sunny California.

The mood board details:
J Brand – Atomic Denim Jacket
Spell – Warrior Feather Headband
Opening Ceremony – Striped Raffia Sandals
Jerome Dreyfuss – Momo Python, Suede And Karung Mini Shoulder Bag
Jemma Kidd – Rosy Glow Lip & Cheek Tint
Chanel – Le Vernis Nail Colour In Mimosa
cos – A-Line Wool Skirt (underneath)
Miu Miu – Faille Miniskirt

Jean Paul Gaultier
My love for French deisgner Jean Paul Gaultier sparked as soon as a tiny, one-digit-aged version of Lela London found out he invented the cone bra. That love grew exponentially after I read the following interview with Opening Ceremony. It is a must read, my dear.

On his pop hit from the Eighties- “How To Do That” (don’t worry, I’ve attached the video at the end!):
“I sold around 30,000 records – almost made it to the Top 50, but I think that was my last foray into the music business as a musician. I prefer to dress the stars.”

On his first impression of Madonna:
“The first time I saw Madonna was on Top of the Pops. She was singing “Holiday,” and she had a fabulous look. (I actually thought that she was English because she was so stylish.) She was into the same things that I was doing at the time, like crosses, oversized jewelry, and fishnets. The second time I saw her live was at the first MTV awards in New York at Radio City Music Hall. It must have been 1984. She sang “Like A Virgin” in a wedding dress and was simulating “self contentment” or “self satisfaction,” to put it euphemistically. The audience was mostly business people, who were horrified. There were just a few young fans–and me, who absolutely loved it. That is when I realized that she couldn’t care less what others thought of her, and I also saw how powerful she was.”

On the young Jean Paul Gaultier:
“I used to buy all the magazines, look at the collections, and then do my own. And if Dior or Cardin had 300 outfits, I would have 310. I even wrote my own reviews.”

On being an 18-year-old apprentice for Pierre Cardin:
“I learned about freedom from Mr. Cardin. There was an absolute freedom in his studio… He had assistants from all over the world — it was the first time I tried Japanese food with my colleagues from work. It was a great time, and it taught me that you have to have a free spirit to succeed.”

On the source of inspiration:
“Inspiration is never a problem; I usually have too much of it. I sometimes want to say too many things at once. Everything I see can inspire me: the cinema, theater, music.”

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget the video: