Dianna Agron Hair

Dianna Agron: Before to After

Now that Glee has finished filming all of Season 2, Dianna Agron (aka Quinn Fabray) has decided to remedy a seven year itch. That itch? To cut all of her hair off. Dianna showed off her new, short blonde-highlighted hair to her Tumblr followers via photo and video (which you can see below). I’m pretty sure she would be stunning bald. Do you love or hate it?
Dianna Agron Short Hair

Dianna Agron: After

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Alexander Wang Niece
It’s not fashion news, but it’s the most captivating thing I could possibly share with you today: a photo of Alexander Wang’s niece at Fashion Week, Chanel bag in tow. Though her topknot is placed high, she obviously meticulously planned the obsessive aptitude of being wider than you are all. Right click, Save as…

Katy Perry Without Makeup
I truly hope seeing your reaction to this photo is, well, non-existent. This past weekend, Russell Brand posted a picture of his wife – Katy Perry – without make-up on Twitter. He quickly took them down, but the picture went viral all the same because, hey, it’s Katy Perry without make-up. In the naturally careless and hateful personas of the internet, reactions were almost entirely negative.

To make this as short as possible, let’s try to fit my point in a sentence:
No-one looks like this when we wake up.

Karlie Kloss Patricia Van Der Vliet Vogue China
The Azzedine Alaia and Lanvin juxtaposition in the ninth photo is killing me. This is Super Styling, if you ever needed a definition. Vogue China is working it on the highest level with Karlie Kloss and Patricia Van Der Vliet for their November Issue. I haven’t loved a spread’s colouring this much in a long time. View Post