Dior New Look MakeupDior‘s “New Look“-inspired eye shadow palette is a work of art! The hugely limited edition palette is called the “Tailleur Bar“, and its based on Rene Gruau‘s original 1947 sketch of Dior’s classic 40’s “New Look”. The special edition palette comes with instructions on how to apply the colours, which will create the perfect smoky eye for Fall.

You may not want to use this collectors item – only a limited amount are being produced and they’ll each come in a numbered white box.They are currently available at Selfridges in London and Holt Renfrew in Canada, and they will be available in the U.S in October for a very limited time. Keep your eyes open and grab one quick!

As a make-up artist, the number one request I receive – I’m talking 95% of the time – is a smoky eye. Truth is, it’s one of the simplest things you can do for your eyes and since you’re trying to look smoky, you can do it quick and not worry about precision.

What will you need?
– A dark and light brown eyeshadow.
A white/cream eyeshadow.
Black eyeliner (I prefer liquid).
– Mascara.
Brushes aren’t┬ánecessary, but any blending brush would be helpful.

The Easy Directions:

1. Highlight your inner corner and brow bone with the light colour.
2. Blend lighter brown eyeshadow in from the outer corner of your eye.
3. Bring the same colour underneath your eye softly.
4. BLEND your harsh edges (aka smoke it out).
5. Work darker colour into your natural crease.
6. Bring that colour underneath your eye softly.
7. Line your eyes with a small wing. It’ll increase the depth of the smoke.
8. Highlight and blend back in.

Simple. Five minute smoky eye. Looks gorgeous on everyone. Obviously, the video above will assist you and also features music by the Audiovisuals. Must watch (in HD)!