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When I get dressed each morning, ‘sexy’ is not on the agenda. Power clashing? Oversized accessories? Yes. Sexy? No. My personal style is primarily, well, man-repelling.

Then I get days like these. Days when a chemise arrives at my doorstep and I convince myself it is a good idea to wear it as a dress.

Underwear as outerwear is a tricky trend to navigate but I find a kitten heel and childish accessory (in this case, my beloved popcorn purse) provides the essential non-sexy balance. After all, things this beautiful are made to be seen.

What I Wore:
Lana silk chemise from Figleaves
Popcorn bag from Kate Spade
Rockstud heels from Valentino (similar here)

angel wing tattoo
popcorn handbag

orange trench coat
You know how it goes; you stumble on some random Youtube video one moment and end up with an orange trench coat on your doorstep the next. Case in point? Very’s celebrity fashion collaboration video (below!) and the Jameela Jamil double-breasted mac.

This is now probably the easiest item I have at my disposal to throw on and feel ‘dressed’. For the influx of ridiculously temperamental and bright so-called Autumn days ahead, outfits like these are going to be my bread and butter.

What I Wore:
Westwood Rocks Russian Dream bracelet
The aforementioned eye-popping trench coat
Crew Clothing Breton top
Handmade pencil skirt that has always been far too long (therefore warm!)
Jane Shilton Frankfurt cross-body and tote handbag

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Burgundy outfit
I may have a love for burgundy lipstick and burgundy laptops (though it runs at a snails pace), but I have only one burgundy ensemble in my entire wardrobe. On the hunt for new pieces, I compiled the outfit above.

Beautiful textures, a mix of sugary sweet and warm tones, and a lace collar to peep out from one of Martina Spetlova’s most beautiful jackets. With so much going on, an outfit like this begs for super-straight hair tucked behind the ears.

Shop The Look:
Alexander Wang Nikola heels
Pastel colour block satchel
Martina Spetlova patchwork jacket
Lace detail denim shirt
Velvet skater skirt
Bed Head Control Freak Defrizz & Smooth Serum


You gotta swing your hips now
That’s right, you’re doing fine
Come on, baby
Jump up, Jump Back
– “The Locomotion”, Litta Eva

This skirt is one of those garments that forces you to dance. No apologies for the blur in these photos, my darlings. Christmas party-palooza!

What I Wore – handmade bodycon dress with exaggerated shoulders (let’s be honest…it’s a bit tight…I typically try to avoid hoisted my chest up to my chin), polka-dotted tiered skirt, and black tights.
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citizens of humanity jeans

“She came back from California
Lost her way alone in Georgia
Found she wanted something more
Like what she did before
And then she stumbled back into me”
– “Skinny Jeans“, The Bigger Lights

I am not what you would call a ‘jeans girl‘. If you have read my book, you know that – for me – dresses make up 95% of my wardrobe. For this reason, I have found it incredibly surprising that I have fallen in love with Citizens of Humanity Avedon skinny jeans.

Practically, they should not work for me. As a petite, curvy woman with a very different frame to a sample-size model, skinny jeans usually don’t flatter my body type. The Avedons, however, have a luxuriously-textured denim with a flattering stretch that wraps around my curves without feeling like a jegging. My legs are praising the opportunity to stay warm (aka covered) this winter!

What I Wore – Thick, batwing sweater and Avedon skinny jeans.
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