Leighton Meester and Eric Daman

Leighton Meester and Eric Daman

I don’t know a red-blooded female who doesn’t like the way the ladies of “Gossip Girl” dress when they are at a party. Now, it will be all that much more accessible. Head stylist for the show as of Season One Episode One, Eric Daman, has teamed with US store Charlotte Russe to design a collection of party dresses and accessories called “Eric Daman for Charlotte Russe“.

The actual dresses are much more impressive than the name – featuring a black one-shoulder sequin dress, a black velvet frock with lace sleeves, a blue strapless piece with tulle accents, and an array of styles that are “designed in a way that they each have their own personality“, with every item under $50.

The collaboration will be available for purchase in Charlotte Russe stores and on CharlotteRusse.com starting Oct. 24.

The Kid Constance Jablonski Numero
Apart from being a news source, I typically use this dot-com as a place to talk about the things that I love. This post, however, is going to be a little different. As a stylist, I understand the pressure there is to be innovative and how easily you can slip into ‘shock factor’ shoots without realising the impact it can have. Numero and Patti Wilson may have pushed it too far this time. In issue 117, a beautiful display of clothing is worn by the lovely Constance Jablonski and shot by Greg Kadel for a shoot named “The Kid“. You may think they are referencing the Charlie Chaplin movie until you realise the “prop” in the shoot is a black child. To compliment the child, they have put the very pale Constance in “blackface” and fake afros. The theme is lost on me, and I find it to be offensive rather than edgy as it does not work as a fashion story on any level. View Post

Lady Gaga Jo Calderone Homeboys Dont Smile Vogue
Jo Calderone (also known as Lady Gaga) is once again breaking gender barriers with the help of her long-time friend and stylist Nicola Formichetti – this time by way of Vogue Hommes Japan #5. With the mind-melting Nick Knight on lens, the ‘biker boy‘ qualities of Stefani Germanotta‘s alter-ego in “Homebody’s Don’t Smile” make for some illustrious images. View Post

Naomi Campbell Alex Kovas Interview Mert Marcus
The Russian sign in the fifth picture of Naomi Campbell‘s attention-grabbing shoot for Interview‘s October issue translate into “for men only”. Unfortunately, male model Alex Kovas doesn’t seem to be allowed to enjoy this…perk? Joining stylist Karl Templer, the blue filter-crazy team of Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott are delivering. View Post

Total Look Tush Luca Gadjus
The Viktor & Rolf Eau Mega shot in “Total Look” for Tush‘s twenty-first issue looks like a Wonderland. While Luca Gadjus is plastic fantastic, it is definitely fitting in a spread with mega-sized perfume bottles. Teamwork by proportion pros – photographer Jonas Bresnan and stylist Claudia Scholtan. View Post