Agyness Deyn James Franco Elle
This is so wonderfully strange. Firstly, we have the low-key return of Agyness Deyn in the July issue of Elle, pulling out the Rebel Without a Cause look. Not only did she model for “Chateau Dreams“, but she styled it. And well, as long as we’re letting the model be the stylist, why not let James Franco be the photographer? Yes. Pot-smoking, arm-chopping, Golden Globe-winning actor James Franco.

You would never have guessed, eh? I adore this spread. What do you think? View Post

K Mart
K-Mart are clueing in. While competitors Wal-Mart and Target boast thriving clothing sales, the forgotten megastore have been on the fashion backburner for more than a few years.

Their latest campaign, however, seems to be a foot in the right direction. With American Apparel-esque styling and a model crew of ‘real people‘ (scouted both on blogs and the streets of New York), they are setting up to gear new products towards a younger and more style-conscious demographic.

The shoot took place at The Mark Hotel in New York, where they asked the ‘models’ to style themselves and pose sans stylist. Their new cost-aware tag line? “Money can’t buy style“.

The President of Kmart Apparel, Tara Poseley, said their targeted shopper is “the type of person who doesn’t care about labels, but rather, about expressing his or her own style”, which they can do with new celebrity-collaborative lines by Sofia Vergara and Selena Gomez.

Place In The Sun Vogue UK
Tom Craig got all wedding photographer – in a fantastic way – for “A Place in the Sun” from Vogue UK‘s May 2011 issue. Bay Garnett‘s styling is absolutely beautiful without feeling contrived or over-edited, making a well-lit Dree Hemingway look believably elegant, lonesome and privileged. The small aspects, like the reflection of a hidden hulabaloo on a black vehicle, make it unforgettable. View Post

“What are the best ways to wear a scarf?” Well, scarves have three-million-and-seven uses. I shall let the image above speak for itself – these are definitely some of the best ways to wear a scarf.

Blake Lively Glamour
…of herself, according to Lively’s interview in the July issue of Glamour US with Florence Welch. On the cover of the monthly, Blake wears a Michael Kors Fall/Winter 2011 look – the next best thing to nude?┬áPart of the the interview and the full photo spread – featuring my dream wardrobe – is below! View Post