Wonder Woman Costume
As Michael Kors would say, this can only be described as “insane crotch“. Jeggings on a superhero? Though a worse costume was revealed in a promo shot of Adrianne Palicki (Diana Prince) a few weeks ago, the fan resistance didn’t fix the problem. Wardrobe malfunctions aplenty, I feel. Regardless, my lifelong obsession with Wonder Woman means I will be sucked into David E. Kelly‘s upcoming series for NBC no matter the clothing tragedy.

DC Comics nOir Jewelry

BE STILL, my geek chic heart. In celebration of DC Comics’ 75th anniversary, the comic book legends have entered the most fabulous collaboration with accessory powerhouse nOir Jewelry. That’s right, guys – accessories to fight crime in! Subscribers and amigos will surely know of my Wonder Woman obsession, so believe me when I say that knuckleduster ring is mine. Featuring great pieces from all of our superhero favourites, the limited-edition range starts at just $60 and includes rings, earrings, and more adorned with character insignia and imagery. Fashion saving the world.