look magazine antiseptic kiss
In 1937, Look Magazine debuted this…antisepticHollywood spectacular. Being a fashion or Michael Jackson-interpreting¬†impossibility¬† we can – almost eighty years later – be thankful that the magazine went on to explain their cover further.

The caption reads: To fool the flu, during a recent epidemic, movie kisses were rehearsed behind antiseptic masks. Since each kiss must be rehearsed about 20 times before the cameras turn, it was said that four out of five flu germs would be prevented from spreading. Stanley Morton and Betty Furness are shown here.
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vintage beach beauty
Taking my weekly stumble through the LIFE archives, I was immediately drawn to this “Beach Fashions” shoot photographed by Nina Leen in the April of 1950. While I fully understand that these women weren’t living in a time of intense media body scrutiny and micro bikinis, the fact that these un-Photoshopped beauties look flawless and happy with hairs out of place (and hairs visible on their legs – quel horreur!) truly adds to the vintage appeal of the snaps. Time to pull out the one-piece.

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hair do love life
In 1944, this little lifestyle snippit was featured in LIFE Magazine. It is charming and delusional in all the ways that the Forties possibly could be – this was LIFE, after all.

Obviously, a bow on the top of her head means that Ann Mitchell is out to get herself a man (what does that say about Lady Gaga?). A bow worn in back means that Betty Dupree is not interested in men (women, perhaps?). Bow worn on the right side indicated that Becky Brown is deeply in love. Lastly, a bow worn at left is an apparent signal and challenge. It means Betty Chaney is going steady. Vintage jelly bracelets, if you will.

One of the things I most appreciate about fashion is its ability to anchor you to a time and a place. Its ability to bring a moment to life.

I recently stumbled on this Christian Dior photo shoot that succinctly alludes to said appreciation. The shoot was photographed by Howard Sochurek in 1959, shortly after Soviet society had survived one of the most harrowing wars to date. With French models walking through GUM (a Soviet shopping centre) in Dior’s latest designs, the juxtaposition, the shock, the alien aspiration of the scene…it simply brings everything to life. Notably, the Christian Dior Spring/Summer fashion show was held in Moscow in October 1959 and marked the first time a Parisian couturier had shown a collection behind the iron curtain.
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neon heels 1
As much as I adore my digital SLR, the iMac “Photo Booth” has a peculiar draw to it when it comes to snapping a quick picture. Thus, what you’re reading right now is a webcammed outfit post.

I wore this neon heel-injected housewife ensemble to a few meetings earlier in the week. After kissing my bubbaroos goodbye (see below), of course.

Shop The Look: Neon green heels (Nelly.com), orange tweed skirt (Jaeger), black shoulder-padded dress worn as a top (vintage), and “Liable” red lipstick (Illamasqua).
neon heels
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