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Before visiting her family back in Italy, my beloved Alice and I got into a conversation about the ‘norms’ of our upbringings (in Italy and America, respectively) and – more specifically – their sweet treats.

Realising neither of us had tried any sweets across the seas that once separated us, we met up back in London and mukbanged them all on camera for your viewing pleasure.

From Warheads Extreme Sour Candy to Pocket Coffee, this fail of ‘Italian vs American Candy‘ is everything you could expect and so much more…watch here!

Though the month was comandeered by all things work-related, I promised myself I would do at least one Vlogmas this year so made a point to take one day off and treat myself to a little festive fun.

The tomfoolery kicked off with a trip to get my very neglected travel-worn mane fixed by my beloved Jason Collier (Creative Director of the Matthew Curtis Hair Salon at Rosewood London), who you may remember from my glory days with My Little Pony hair.

Vicki (of Honest Mum) and I both love Jason, in fact, so by the time he whipped our differing locks into personal perfection, we were ready to take the day by storm.

After checking in to the Royal Garden Hotel and indulging in a little room service, we Ubered ourselves to the launch of Portobello Road Gin‘s four-floor boutique gin hotel (and then some), The Distillery. The hotel plays home to a working distillery, two bars, a gin museum, an off-licence and a gin-making experience dubbed ‘The Ginstitute’. More than enough to keep us busy for a night and more than enough to take us through to a stunning breakfast at the Royal Garden, lots of work, a manicure, Christmas catch-up, very late lunch, and a holiday party.

But that’s just the top line. Click to watch (above) and have a very merry Christmas, indeed!

Before boarding the train to Boardmasters (England’s closest-to-Coachella idea of a surf and music festival on the Cornish coast) I hadn’t thought much about what I would be doing. In fact, having recently spent some time getting to know Cornwall, I thought it would all be a piece of clotted cream cake.

It wasn’t. By the end, I was entertained, delighted, horrified, surprised, and severely unshowered all the same. For your viewing pleasure, I now present…

Click here to watch my Boardmasters Festival Vlog!

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As a blogger, it is incredibly rare to get face time with your readers. It is one of the reasons I finally started vlogging and when I started seeing these ’20/30/40/50 Facts About Me’ videos pop up around Youtube, it really got me in the mood to get to know you all a little better.

I hope you enjoy my quasi-overshare and drop me a few fun facts about yourself in the comments!

Click above to watch ‘40 Facts About Me!’.