Roxane Mesquida
I love Roxane Mesquida, and soon, so will you. While everyone is in a tizzy over Elizabeth Hurley being added to the cast of “Gossip Girl“, Mesquida is the addition worth your stylish attention.
Roxane Mesquida
The French actress and model is set to play Prince Louis’ sister; she is coming to New York unhappy with her brother’s decision to marry Blair Waldorf (aka style obsession Leighton Meester). Roxane was recently spotted on set with Leighton in nude platform heels by Fendi, a grey embellished bag by Valentino and a gorgeous, v-neck Missoni dress.

Roxane Mesquida Jerome C Rousseau

Modelling for Jerome C Rousseau

While I am hoping they take more risks with Roxane’s wardrobe, I also hope they take some inspiration from her personal style. The laissez-faire sartorial flair of Mesquida is enviably nonchalant, and would translate to screen beautifully.
Roxane Mesquida
The fifth season of “Gossip Girl” will be premiering Monday, September 27 at 8pm.

Vintage Sexy Eating
If you want to skip the video below, I shall go ahead and tell you the secret: just be hot.

We all had a sneaking suspicion, right? The old cliche – if we were ‘more beautiful’ we would have the world in our hands. The presenter in the video decides to test this theory out by wearing an unflattering outfit, no makeup, and ‘lazy hair’ one day, then the antithesis the next. One version of herself got free taxi rides, free cake, free ice cream, and free champagne. The other version gets a “thanks for helping” pint of beer and nothing else, though she visits all of the same locations.

So, the glamour girl gets it all, even though they are the same woman. It’s a supremely interesting reflection on our interpretation of beauty. Does this mean the only way to be treated well is in heels? Certainly not. One aspect of the experiment that isn’t discussed is the level and delivery of communication.

While “Glamour Girl” struts around and approaches every test with a coy and flirtatious attitude, we have “Plain Jane” acting defeated – literally shrinking into her clothes – when she asks for the same experience. Perhaps it is the apparent lack of confidence/deserving attitude that tipped the scale in the cosmetic-coated corner.

How do you feel about the clip? Do you think it would have turned out differently if the attitudes were swapped, or is it distinctly visual influence?

One day left to win your dream shoe wardrobe!

Shoe Competition
Coming up to a year of blogging, I felt it was time to give a little back to my ever-glorious online family in the form of a never-before-seen competition! Nothing felt more appropriate than a shoe giveaway; everyone wants free shoes, right?


Five pairs of shoes tailored to your personal style!

That’s right, whether you’re always ultra-femme in flats or have a penchant for patent platforms and studs, I am using my stylist expertise to compile a dream shoe collection for one lucky subscriber. It could be you!

Competition Rules:

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+ Competition entries will be accepted until 29th May, 2011.
+ Open worldwide.

Make sure to get permission from the parentals if you’re under their roof, and good luck!

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Valentino Ad London
Valentino is one of the world’s key creators of sumptuous, history-making couture. While there is an obvious price tag associated with such intricate craftsmanship, I have never understood the need to stick solely with stark, stuffy advertising. After all, Valentino was one of Andy Warhol‘s inspirations in the Seventies. With that in mind, this week’s Fashion Spot is my interpretation of a frivolous (though expensive) lifestyle wardrobe; a little more retro and a little more reckless than the norm. Poor boyfriend.

Elephant Pop 23
Pop 23 Spring/Summer 2011 called Samantha Gradoville (who is looking more and more like Natalia Vodianova by the day) over to Thailand for a Sean & Seng-lensed photoshoot which was appropriately titled “Elephant”. As a relatively new Bangkok expat and elephant adventurer, I am in major lust; I must remember to hire Tamara Rothstein for my next elephant ride wardrobe. View Post