I am well-informed about nutrition. I love raw food, fresh foods, and drink litres upon litres of water. The problem for me? Chocolate.

Through most of my life, I haven’t felt any connection to chocolate, and due to medical advice, didn’t eat any chocolate for many years. The past year, however? A new fixation on the bad stuff – one that made me feel truly unhealthy (have you seen what ‘chocolate’ is made from?) and one that I did not want to become a habit.

Which is why when Channel 4’s recommended hypnotherapist, Jennie Francis, invited me to a session, I was more than ready to run out of the door.

As I passed the freshly botoxed faces of Harley Street, I wondered what would await behind Jennie Francis’ centrally located doors. Prior to my visit, I had beat the fashion industry’s addiction to Diet Coke with the hypno help of Marisa Peer, in one afternoon, and hoped for similar results.

The great news? Jennie is one of those women who immediately put you at ease, a woman that I would imagine anyone could ‘click’ with. With 13 years of hypnotherapy practice under her belt, she is also a woman with a lot to offer. Everything from weight loss to fertility treatments.

So, what happened in the hour-long session? After a best friend-esque catchup (she really is lovely), I was wrapped under a blanket while peacefully treated to aversion therapy.

Though…the details of the session have no real baring on her service, do they? You simply want to know if it worked! And, almost a week later back in the ‘real world’, I can confirm that it has. Not only have I not eaten any sort of ‘dessert’ or sugary food, but the thought has actually escaped my mind. Even while having the flu (a time which would usually trigger comfort food desires), all that is left is my pre-existing desire to eat rich, natural foods.

Jennie Francis works. I have no doubt about it.

creme brulee vaseline
Vaseline is one of those ‘magic products’ that cure almost any beauty ailment. Make-up remover, lip moisturizer, highlighter, night cream (when heated), eyebrow tamer, eyelash conditoner, the list goes on and on!

The smell, though? Nothing to write home about. Until now. As a complete creme brulee addict, I was thrilled to find out that after their Aloe Vera and Rosy tint releases, the brand has now released a limited edition Creme Brulee scent! Limited edition at Selfridges (also online) only, for just £2.99.

Food porn, for your time…

creme brulee

bond and brook
When invited to dine in Fenwick Bond Street, a lady certainly does not decline. That is why I was thrilled to spend an afternoon at Bond and Brook – Fenwick’s second floor eatery and lovechild of the rhubarb family.

Upon arrival, I felt immediately at home. Right in front of our table was an enormous version of the fifth photo in my “Best of Tumblr – Chandeliers”, which happens to be one of my favourite photos of all time.

And the food and drink certainly matched it’s setting. Starting with a glass of champagne and some fresh apple juice, I perused through their delicious-sounding offerings (seriously, look at the menu) and settled on a three course set menu.

My boyfriend did the same, as our starter – an intricate place which showcased carpaccio of beef – was exactly our taste. Nothing but the loveliest, simplest flavours expertly combined.

From then on, our tastes shifted to completely different dishes. He opted for a creamy main of chicken, biscuits (the American kind… without the lackluster American flavour), and mushrooms, while I settled for a perfectly portioned – but loaded – fine fish omelette.

Then, waistlines expanding, came dessert. For The Boy With A Taste for Cake, a generous lemon creation that had an incredible, colourful zest. For The Girl Who Believes Fruit Negates Excess, a delectable serving of poires belle helene.

Finished with a richly crafted latte and a small serving of M&Ms (charmingly coloured in Pantone PMS 245), I believe this is probably the most delicious – and enormous! – meal I have had in over 3 months. Chic, understated quality all round.

Enjoy the photos!
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Most of us have some sort of snack danger zone, right? While I have no aversion to nibbling on fruit and vegetable, my danger zone comes in the form of chocolate. The second it is allowed in the house, I am running to save myself from inhaling a bar.

For this reason, I was super excited to find a service called Graze.

Basically, Graze delivers you healthy, natural and – most importantly – delicious snacks to keep you satisfied throughout the day. Literally any UK address that can receive post can receive one of their sumptuous boxes. For only £3.49 a box (it’s enough food to incorporate into meals)!

One thing that really appealed to the control freak in me (who immediately thinks of tasteless seeds and nuts when told about ‘health food‘), is that Graze boxes are completely based on your personal tastes. Once you sign up, there is a control panel where you can view all available snacks and specify whether you like, love, or would like to try them (or never receive them!).

The control panel in itself is fantastic, as you can choose which days you would like to receive snacks, specify holidays, and search through a huge list of foods that are split into helpful categories. The categories are designed to specify whether snacks are packed with omega-3s, fibre, a ‘sweet treat’ (but still super healthy!) and many more fun, enlightening categories.

My very tasty first week went as follows (check the site for each pocket’s content):

Jaffa Cake
Pina Colada
Omega booster seeds
Toffee apple

Sour mango tangtastic
Eleanor’s apple crumble
Super berry detox
Fruity ploughmans

Black pepperdoms
Fruit and seed flapjack
Fennel seed and honey peanuts
Savoury roasted seeds

West country cheddar, red onion and chutney focaccia
Banoffee pie
Honeycomb flapjack

Natural vanilla seeds
Little figgy went to market (Probably the most delicious thing in the world)
Hot cross yum
Beach bum

If you would like a free box to try, Graze have graciously provided me with the coupon codeCBJ8XLL” which you can enter and also get your second box half-priced!