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When it comes to working out, I am one hundred percent positive that dressing up to work out releases as many endorphins as the activity itself. In my personal opinion, Nike is the brand to beat in this fashion category. When reflecting on the pieces I love to wear most, the three below happened to all be Nike-branded.

Rival Stretch Woven Running Skirt
When it comes to running, skirt trumps shorts any day. I may love my legs, but I have a curvaceous back end and feel a little too sexy if I’m running around town in shorts or leggings. Thankfully, these babies have sweat-wicking boyshorts and an adjustable skirt hem for personalised style and comfort. It even has a zippered pocket on the centre-back for keys and, if you’re nuts like me, your phone (Instagram-worthy runs!).

Epic Crew 2 Training Shirt
This training shirt is incredibly comfortable, has gussets at the side seams to allow full range of motion, and seems to regulate my body temperature whether the sun’s shining or my skin’s goosebumping.

Pro Hypercool Capris
These Pro capris have a sweat-wicking fabric, ample ventilation, as well as a compression fit for supportive comfort when worn alone or as a base layer. For weights, stretching, squats, and more, these are my go-tos.

beach body
Summer is finally here and we’re ready to hit the beach. Hooray! But stop there, ladies – before you go running for your bikini and an ice lolly, you need to make sure your body is fully prepared for the holiday season so you look and more importantly, feel your best.

This article has been provided on behalf of salon wear provider Simon Jersey.

Before going on holiday or hitting the beach, make sure you have an all-over body scrub (you can get exfoliating body scrubs for under £15 from The Body Shop) and use exfoliating gloves. By gently removing the top layer of skin (which are dead cells anyway), you’re allowing a tan to develop more fully and last for longer.

Treat yourself to a professional body massage at a beauty spa; it’s not just good for the muscles and circulation. A massage can remove dead cells from your skin, bringing fresh skin to the surface and leaving you with a radiant glow. It’ll also help you to feel super calm and ready for relaxing by the sea.

After a massage, make sure you moisturise well as your skin will absorb nutrients in the lotion much more easily. Use a moisturiser rich in vitamin E to help protect your skin against pollution, sunlight and chemical reactions in the body.

Hair removal
Need a bit of a tidy-up in the bikini line area? You have a few different options here. Shaving is the most common method of hair removal, probably because it’s the quickest, cheapest and is pain-free. You could also try hair removal cream which dissolves hair at the root, which encourages softer regrowth of the hair. Alternatively, waxing can be done at home or in a salon but tends to be rather painful!

If you feel like you need a fake tan before baring all at the beach, you can either have a spray tan at a spa or use self-tanning cream. A self-tan will be cheaper but can be difficult to apply to get a flawless look; whereas at a beauty salon the specialist equipment will ensure a natural finish.

Forget crash dieting – it’s a little late to start trying to lose a few extra pounds or tone up, but you can avoid overeating and dodge foods and drinks which will make you feel bloated. Some of the biggest offenders include beans, refined carbohydrates, chewing gum and fizzy drinks.

Finally, don’t forget your sunscreen – you need a broad spectrum sunscreen (at least 30 SPF) that protects you from UVA and UVB sun rays. Apply liberally to all exposed parts of your skin 30 minutes before you go outside and reapply at least every two hours and after swimming. Here you’ll find sunscreens which have The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation.

Henrietta Norton Wild Nutrition
Always on the lookout for the next best ‘healthy’ thing, one of the only brands that have peaked my scrutinising interest this year has been Wild Nutrition. Created by author and Nutritional Therapist Henrietta Norton, Wild Nutrition is the home of premium ‘food-state’ supplements which promote all areas of wellbeing (though Henrietta’s personal specialism is women’s health). Recently, I had a brief chat with Henrietta to discuss the Wild Nutrition difference…

In Layman’s terms, what is the benefit and purpose of Food–State and whole food ingredients?
Food-state presents nutrients to the body as though they are naturally found in food. However because the process allows you to increase the nutrient content, it effectively enhances the food. Your body is then able to absorb it and use it significantly better than any ‘man-made’ nutrients which are found in other supplements (where absorption can be as low as 3%). Using Food-State nutrients also means that you need significantly lower doses than other supplements.

What is the single biggest nutritional mistake you see the people of the UK making with their diets?
I think that it is still too easy to mistake low calorie prepared meals as healthy when evidence suggests many of the ingredients found in them can actually encourage weight gain.

What is the most inspiring ‘result’ you have seen from your nutritional guidance?
I have had quite a few tear jerking moments but the most memorable would be a recent client who had been hoping for a baby for over two years. When she came to me she was desperate to try anything and put her heart and soul into it. She gave birth to her daughter earlier this year. This says less about me and more about her dedication and trust in what we were doing together.

Why the decision to specialise in women’s nutrition? Do women, in comparison to men, find it more difficult to maintain optimum health?
Not at all but what we do seem to do is to put ourselves to the back of the queue when it comes to nurturing ourselves and I mean this in the wholistic sense. Specialising in women’s nutrition was less of a ‘decision’ per se but more an organic process. As a woman who has had experience of women’s health issues as well as a mother, I have personal and professional experience which can sometimes also enrich the process.

Can you explain the basics of Functional Medicine and why it is something you pioneer?
Functional Medicine is an approach to health that looks at the person behind the disease rather than the disease itself, looking at the cause not the condition. This is done using evidence-based nutritional medicine, and at times laboratory testing. The Functional Medicine model has been integrated into medical practice in America for some time but it is a relatively new approach amongst the medics in the UK. This ‘whole body’ approach was one used in the time of Hippocrates so you could argue that it is not pioneering at all but in the last century we have focused on a more medicalised, reductionist approach to health. I hope this is the start of a new paradigm.

On a personal note, what does your own medicine cabinet look like?
So with two young children naturally I have a bulk supply of plasters, tea tree oil, and arnica. Also, a thermometer and paracetamol for when nature simply isn’t cutting it! The daily medicine cupboard in the kitchen comprises of Wild Nutrition Balance MultiNutrient which I swear keeps me calm during the day, and Wild Nutrition Antioxidant Boost. I also have a pot of magnesium and MultiStrain Biotic which my husband takes.

What does your make-up bag look like? Do you find yourself concerned about nutritional/green beauty?
I don’t wear a lot of make-up so I am more concerned with green beauty when it comes to face creams, moisturiser and soaps. My favourites being Antipodes face wash and moisturiser, and Faith in Nature soap. My make up is a mixture of bareMinerals and Dr Haushka.

And the easiest way to make the biggest change to our health?
I know it is very cliche but actually ensuring you are drinking enough (good quality) water can have an enormous impact on energy, digestion and appetite (thirst can often be mistaken for hunger).

Thank you, Henrietta!

nike flyknit lunar
I’ve decided to fitness-focused up in this piece. Though I have been a dancer, played soccer and scour London in platform heels for hours each day, I have never been much of a gym bunny. Schedule-wise, I don’t have the patience to waste any time commuting to a gym.

Running, it seems, makes the most sense for my lifestyle. Having chosen to combine it with kettlebells and continued healthy eating, it is clear as the easiest and most sustainable option for long-term fitness. Plus, it gave me an excuse to get my hands on these gorgeous Nike Lady Flyknit Lunar1+ running shoes (currently 10% off at SportsShoes!)

I know it is all in my crazy little noggin, but I find beautiful fitness wear extremely motivating. It doesn’t hurt that the Flyknit Lunar1+’s are also extremely lightweight and have a performance-driven knitted upper that feels like a sock. For that ‘running on clouds’ feeling, I couldn’t be physically or aesthetically happier with the Nike Lady Flyknit Lunar1+. If anything is going to support me in an attempt to become marathon-ready, I’m glad it’s this combination of fashion and function.

nike flyknit lunar