OK, movie opinion aside…

This is an ode to Patricia Field – a woman who delivered the exact kinds of eye candy all of us have been craving and worshipping in the twelve years since Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte began to stiletto across our not-so-flat screens.

Two things Madame Field has down is the balance between shape savvy and envelope-pushing pieces that manage to keep it tres, tres classy.

Let’s takeĀ  a look:

beautiful bedroom magical dream interior designBonjour Cheries and the Male Equivalent of a Cherie,

First blog posts kind of end up in our e-trashcans, don’t they? I’ll keep it short and sweet.

Times are changing so rapidly in our technological lives that the majority of news and free-written articles (especially in fashion and lifestyle publications) lack in real flavor or quality. Like your 13-year-old self controlled the timing on the deep fryer, similar and minimal effort is the very least I would expect from someone I’m spending my web-clicks on. I want to keep you on the forefront.

As your resident – and only – Editor in Chief, I vow to:
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