boderm prototype
Ladies and ladyboys, let me introduce you to your new best anti-ageing friend: Boderm Prototype. I know what you’re thinking, but after trialling it for roughly two weeks I can confirm that this is not just another expensive tub of moisturiser.

Recently skin specialist and accredited UK consultant dermatologist Dr Russell Emerson joined forces with Concept Healthcare to bring Boderm’s Prototype – the anti-ageing duo you see above (available online at Skin Centre) – to the British market. The first product in the duo is the Prototype Anti-Wrinkle Anti-Age Cream, £39.49, which combines hyaluronic acid, retinol, Q10 and vitamin E to provide short-term rapid tightening of the skin as well as long-term strengthening of the skin’s connective tissue. Though I am lucky enough to have a ‘young’ canvas, the befores and afters that I have seen on deeply wrinkled skin rival the most kick-ass and invasive anti-ageing injections around. With an SPF of 20, it is a preventative and reparative step that I would recommend to anyone.

The other product in the duo is the Prototype Softgel Capsules, £29.59, which contain Resveratrol (clinically proven to have an anti-oxidant effect that is 17 times greater than coenzyme Q). Containing a potent combination of resveratrol and vitamin C and B complex, the capsules provide anti-oxidant protection which is proven to enhance skin texture, reduce wrinkles, as well as diminish age spots and redness while supporting new collagen production.

With products like these on hand I think it is rather unlikely that I am ever going to stop being asked for ID.

yumi lashes
Would you believe me if I told you that Yumi Lashes weren’t extensions? No? I promise, they’re not! While the photos above are both makeup-free, the big (and curly) difference in the ‘after’ photo is the effect of the Yumi lash treatment.

I never curl my eyelashes, so I was taken aback to be greeted by lengthened, curled, and fluttery lashes at the end of the treatment. Remember, this is no mascara…no false lashes…nada.

How do they get these results without committing to fakery? Five steps: a Lift, Fix, Nourish, Adhesive, and Tint process (all gentle and nutrient-rich) which secures the shape of your eyelashes over a small lash-pad which rests on your eye. During the treatment, your lower lashes are also protected with a gel pad which delivers an anti-ageing eye treatment. After 45 relaxing minutes, you open your eyes to the ‘after’ photo.

The treatment lasts eight weeks (the average lash cycle) and Yumi provides a keratin-based nourishing mascara and small ‘lash styler’ comb to keep your lashes in long and strong form.

You can try out Yumi Lashes at Harrods’ Urban Retreat.

no makeup
I have come across a new pill with big promises, ladies and gentleladies. Meet Colladeen Visage – a supplement that promises to reduce wrinkles, improve elasticity and even provide an internal SPF of 10 (yes, by swallowing a pill).

Now, I am pretty strict with my skincare regime, so I’m not going to claim this is a miracle ‘after’ photo you’re seeing. The photo above is a hi-res snap of my face after washing it. (Excuse the leftover flakey mascara and yellow tint from my ceiling light, I wanted it to be completely unedited). I may not have been covered in wrinkles or blemishes beforehand, but before I started taking Colladeen Visage, my rosacea-pronce face never looked this calm, smooth, and bright post-wash.

So, on the surface, it is anti-ageing and SPF in a pill. When I dug a little deeper, I realised it was doing a lot more. Containing only plant-sourced ingredients, Super Skinheroes like anthocyanadins and carotenoid lutein (the properties that protect plants from sun damage) work overtime, even helping to reduce water retention and spider veins.

At only £18.95 for 60 tablets (which will last you a month), this one is added to my monthly must-haves.


At-home lasers are quite a frightening concept, no? They were for me. In fact, lasering myself is something that I would have never wished to embark on before ReAura.

Then, this little skincare miracle came along. If you have yet to hear of Philips’ Reaura – let me give you the lowdown. The Reaura is an absolutely revolutionary anti-ageing programme that delivers the benefits of professional laser treatments. So much so that you have to be screened for suitability before purchase, just like you would experience at a professional dermalogical consultation. Barely an inconvenience, truth be told, as the results you get (and you do get them) include a visible improvement in your skin’s appearance, a reduction of fine lines, age spots, sun spots, and the resoration of skin tone, texture and radiance. You thought the Clarisonic was innovative? Think again!

I have been using it for a few weeks, and have fallen in love. While I have no real ‘skin problems’ (knock on wood!), the Reaura has been actively boosting my skin’s collagen production, and thus I have been enjoying the skin of a sixteen year old; taught, poreless, and well-toned. Through the Reaura treatment, thousands of microscopic laser beams have been passed down the epidermis and the dermis. Don’t worry, it sounds much more painful than it is. The foolproof laser treatment triggers a natural process of cell renewal which replaces old and damaged skin cells with new, fresh skin cells containing more collagen.

You are left with redness after the treatment, but this subsides after a few hours. I suggest that you use the Reaura at night. You’ll wake up looking like you slept in a tub of Creme de la Mer for twenty years. We don’t all have the time or money to keep up with professional laser treatments over the next thirty years, but the Reaura is an investment that I see paying off for a long time to come.

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