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After spending four months out of a suitcase, I had a fresh sartorial itch that needed scratching. The trouble? No matter how much money I was going to spend on new threads, I would have to fork out a decent amount in excess baggage fees to bring them home.

I ended up buying my entire Summer wardrobe for under £100. And the way I managed to do so is so obvious it might actually hurt…

I bought gift cards. While most of us shop what they can afford, we often forget to shop where we have gift cards – Brits alone waste over £1 billion every year on unused or lost gift vouchers – or can’t find what we want in the stores we have them for. Zeek allows users to both buy and sell unwanted gift cards – sometimes up to 70% off their store value.

By simply buying some savvy people’s unwanted gift cards, my 10-piece shopping spree – combined with the sites’ own Summer sales – cost me under £100 in Zeek vouchers.

It’s a no-brainer.

What I Wore:
Satin pleat and lace mix minidress with cut out sleeves from ASOS (through Zeek)
Nude ballet flats with a bow (similar here)

clothes on bed
girl on aerial hoop

fashion blogger
I’m officially on the ’70s bandwagon. Though my feminine and vintage-inspired wardrobe rarely lends itself to the stereotypical fringing and bohemia of the decade, my penchant for both platforms and dresses means I can find myself looking like an extra from That 70s Show without much effort at all.

Long live this suede-heavy trend!

What I Wore:
Brandy platform boots from Schuh
Suede shirt dress from ASOS
Hollywood pearl earrings from Rebecca Jewellery
Starbucks mini red cup (#sorrynotsorry)

70s platforms
70s outfit

todayis asos
Most grown women I know – fashion obsessed or not – tend to have a story or two linked to their favourite sartorial memories as children. Mine took place in Miami. Growing up in Florida meant I had a natural appreciation of sun, sand and swimwear, but rarely wore more than a sundress (minimum time spent changing for pool time was of high importance). On my first trip from Orlando down to Miami, everything changed.

Taken into a ‘grown up store’ with my Mom and her friend, I wasted time hiding in circular clothing rails until emerging from a selection of coats and getting visually accosted by my first ever piece of designer love. On the wall in front of me hung a short, hand-sequinned silver party dress with more tassels than a craft store. It was disco heaven. Though it took a promise of a million lost allowances, the dress left the store in my hands.

My afternoon at the incredible cave pools of the Fontainebleau felt wasted. The dress sat – alone – in our room while my fluorescent, ruffled bikini mocked me until dinner time. All I wanted to do was wear that dress.

Pre-teen or not, the second I stepped onto the Miami strip – all sequinned and jelly shoed – I felt like the coolest girl in North America. That high has lasted over 10 years already.

Rumour has it that ASOS may be giving someone the chance to dust off their own party dress… Check back here on the 30th of September for news about a once in a lifetime opportunity!

The Monday Update!: If that video didn’t get you all hot and bothered, let me lay it all out for you.

Your adventure will start on 30th December when you will be flown to Miami to enjoy a VIP party in the city that night, before boarding a private jet the next day bound for Tulum, Mexico. In Tulum – also known as the City of the Dawn – you will see the sun rise on 2014 as VIP guests at a festival hosted by the Young Turks record label. The festival, headlined by the XX with support from Grimes, Four Tet and other Young Turks artists, promises to be as spectacular as the setting.

Enter today, babes. It’s your only shot!

asos chasing the dawn

asos red carpet
To celebrate a new slew of red carpet-themed games, Ladbrokes recently challenged me to create a red carpet look based on ASOS items alone. Naturally, the first thing that came to mind was an homage to Angelina’s Leg.

In addition to the leg and its many wannabes at the 2013 Golden Globes, I opted for something in the trendsetting colour from the Globes: black. Because I was not predispositioned with the sky-high-leg gene like Miss Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, I paired the maxi dress and its thigh-high split with a pair of 5.5-inch ASOS Peace platforms with a tonal heel. To finish it off? A pair of plexi-looking brooch spike earrings. For under £100, you couldn’t get much more on-trend!

asos red carpet
asos red carpet

fashion blog 80s
Earlier this week I decided to embrace my natural curl and finger-wrap my damp hair before bed in the evening. The following morning I woke up looking like Shirley Temple. Forgoing my daily uniform of dresses (crazy curls + dresses + pale skin = every person I meet calling me a ‘doll’ or ‘Lolita’), I decided to balance it out by colour-blocking some peg trousers to my heels and throwing on some serious spikes.

What I Wore:
White ASOS premium slim peg trousers (similar here)
White heels from Christian Louboutin (similar here)
Boxy spiked denim shirt (similar here)

fashion blog 80s
fashion blog 80s