blo blow dry london
I may be no stranger to blow dry bars, but the arrival of Blo in Covent Garden had me feeling like a complete blow dry noob. With Gwyneth Palrow as one of the chain’s partners, the mostly US-based business has been on my radar since 2007.

I booked in without hesitation.

Nestled in an underground corner of Covent Garden’s central markets, it took me a bit longer than expected to find, so I’ve included a guide photo below (otherwise, follow the opera singers and you should find it).

Once inside, I was charmed by the space (chic with a hint of pink) and staff (bubbly hair maestros). I can be quite particular about what I want but my lovely hairdresser washed and dried me to voluminous curly perfection.

What I didn’t realise about the salons was they they use a line of products – ‘Unite‘ – that I have never come across before. When five different products found their way into my hair throughout the blow dry, I was worried I would end up with a weighed down mop of blonde but was, instead, astounded by a super bright and bouncy blow dry. Strangely, Blo’s cocktail of products actually helped my hair look healthier and icier in colour.

The sulphate-free ‘Boing’ curling cream has made it’s way onto my wishlist alongside a lifetime supply of Blo blow dries.

blo blow dry london
blo blow dry london
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