BLOGSTOCK what to wear
With just under two weeks left until I share The Secrets of Lifestyle Blogging with the wonderful attendees of Blogstock, I felt it was time to start thinking about getting the packing essentials lined up (and helping you along the way!).

As a blogging festival, the typical festival packing list goes through a few solid tweaks for Blogstock. You’ll want your wellies and sunnies, of course, but would benefit from spending a bit more time packing your ‘equipment’ than you would otherwise.

For clothing options, a few dresses and/or neutral-toned seperates wrapped up in your sleeping bag will be more than enough. I would advise keeping things as comfortable and cool as possible, throwing in a colourful cardigan for night-time mingling.

For the daytime, however, a good quality backpack (one that will hold your SLR/GoPro/laptop/power banks) will prove as imperative as SPF and a bottle of water. You can thank me later.

Items featured:
Special Fit Super Duper Strength Sunglasses from Karen Walker
Le Dix backpack from Balenciaga
Stud wellies from Valentino
Button-front swing dress from ASOS
Lime batwing shawl cardigan from Oasap

first blogger event
A lot of my lovely blog-creating readers tend to send me questions about blogger events. What do I wear? How do I act?; the list of questions is fairly repetitive and a list I’m sure more and more of you will be wondering as you get into blogging.

In hopes of being super helpful, I thought I would share a few of my personal tips to make the most out of blogger events with you fellow blogger babes.

So, here it is:

Your First Blogger Event: A Guide

1. Be social!
Different kinds of people react to social events in a variety of ways. While the life of the party will always be smiling and want to talk to everyone, it isn’t unusual for a lot of men and women to feel spurts of anxiety when having to interact with new people – especially if you struggle with ‘small talk’.

While I’ve always been a very social person, I did feel like a small fry when I started attending blogger and media events a few years ago. It was a shock to be greeted by the faces of journalists that had inspired me (Hilary Alexander, to name names) and CEOs of some of my favourite brands.

All you need to remember is that if you’ve been invited somewhere, you’ve been invited for a reason. You are likely to be surrounded by those who not only have similar interests, but have the drive and passion that has got you where you are. Make friends!

2. Familiarize yourself with the policies!
The physical or digital invitations will usually answer any question you may have, but PRs will be more than happy to clarify anything you’re unsure of. I personally feel it is fair to ask to bring a plus-one if the event seems appropriate and it would make you feel more at ease, but I would never do so if it was at a cost or inconvenience to the event. RSVP by requested dates, show up at the right time, and let the good times roll.

3. EAT!
I know, I know, no-one wants a photo of themselves making out with a cupcake all over the interwebs, but only the truly heinous event photographers will snap you in the act. Blogger events are often catered with nibbles, sweet treats, and impossible-to-eat canapes. No-one cares what you’re eating, so treat yourself to a macaron or ten if you desire it. (Insider insight? I have known PRs to be bollocked over ‘wasting’ budget on food at parties where everyone pretends they’re on a juice diet. You’re simply helping the greater good by eating.)

4. Dress like yourself!
Unless the event has a specific dress code, don’t let an outfit choice become an issue for you. I have a heels-hating blogger friend who would carry a pair of stilettos around until she got to an event. For a year. Because she thought that’s what everyone expected. She is now much happier (and, as a result, sticks around at events for longer) in her faux snakeskin loafers.

She is a reformed nutjob. Don’t be a nutjob.

Learn about new products, meet new bloggers, support new brands, take beautiful photos, tweet, Instagram, drink brightly-coloured cocktails, and shake your bum around when you’ve had one too many. Blogger and media events have made for some of the best times I’ve had in the past few years. I hope they do for you, too!

If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to e-mail or tweet me.

British Computer
I never really knew how long I would blog for. I’m not even sure if there was a defining reason I started The fantastic thing is, for over a year and a half, I have posted at least twice a week – sometimes reaching up to fourteen blogs a day…

And my life is better because of it.

Truly…better. I have found that there is a lot to be learned and a lot to be gained by doing the things you love. I write because I love to write. I spend time responding to your e-mails and giving you advice because I love it. I loved packing up and moving to Thailand to write a book and be adventurous. I love the independence and individuality I can share with you here. I love that this blog – ten years from now – will mark a major moment in both my life and career.

This blog may not be my career, but it has been the most valuable help to my career. Two things you must know, 1) Writing was a hobby, at the start, 2) I certainly wasn’t born with a silver spoon (I’ll spare you the sob story). I was a freelance fashion stylist and make-up artist with lots to say. Through offline efforts, work was good, but this blog took the driver’s seat when it took me to Fashion Week. It took me to the ‘inside’ of the industry in a way I hadn’t expected to reach for at least a few more years.

Styling turned into consultancy, to freelance writing jobs, to a position as a media executive, and now…now, I have my dream job.

I truly believe it wouldn’t have been possible without this blog. Of course, my offline efforts and ethics account to more than handing my URL out at fashion parties, but I believe the blog was a key factor in determining both my voice and direction.

I want to thank you for being a part of it. Even if this is the first blog you’ve ever read. I think it is important to realise just how profoundly important every girl and boy from WhereverLand who types my name into Google every day is. How much every Facebook share, comment, Tumbl or tweet has the chance to bring a little more fun, insight and beauty into a new reader’s life.

These days, you don’t need to be related to Anna Wintour to work in fashion. You don’t need to be rich to have a voice. You don’t need to go to college to be a wanton technology God. You don’t need to work on SNL to make a million people laugh. If you mix it with hard work, the internet – blogging, in my case – can make your dreams come true.

Only in my dreams did I imagine I would be an editor at 21 years old.*

*And thats all I can tell you for now, my loves! ;D

Tavi Gevinson Lofficiel
I am so excited to see Tavi Gevinson – of Style Rookie fame – on the cover of L’Officiel! Though she is still in her teens, she is essentially the Blogging Queen. Jean-Paul Goude photographed the blogger/Rookie Magazine Editor in head-to-toe Chanel for their latest issue of the magazine, and it is almost bittersweet; a reflection of “Tween Tavi” (probably the image burned into your mind) with grey hair, geek chic glasses, and a throwback-perfect hair bow. The flashback-esque shot couldn’t be complete without notebook in hand on a just-too-big chiavari chair, could it?

Shoe Competition
Coming up to a year of blogging, I felt it was time to give a little back to my ever-glorious online family in the form of a never-before-seen competition! Nothing felt more appropriate than a shoe giveaway; everyone wants free shoes, right?


Five pairs of shoes tailored to your personal style!

That’s right, whether you’re always ultra-femme in flats or have a penchant for patent platforms and studs, I am using my stylist expertise to compile a dream shoe collection for one lucky subscriber. It could be you!

Competition Rules:

+ Subscribe to Lela London’s Mailing List (you can do so by filling out this form).
+ After subscribing, you will be sent to a page where you can fill out your shoe size and shoe style! Anything goes – be as detailed and creative as you wish, this is how I will be choosing your dream shoe collection!
+ Two extra entries will be given for liking Lela London on Facebook and following Lela London on Twitter!
+ Competition entries will be accepted until 29th May, 2011.
+ Open worldwide.

Make sure to get permission from the parentals if you’re under their roof, and good luck!

This competition is now closed! To be the first notified of future competitions, join the mailing list, and become a fan on Facebook and Twitter!