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Not too long ago I started on a hair journey towards blonde that has culminated in my latest visit to Gro. Thanks to Serafina, I’ve got a pretty fantastic mop of strawberry blonde on top of my noggin’ right now and I want to make sure it doesn’t fade or alter in the coming weeks.

I’ve been testing out a shower full of hair products in the search for a ‘Blonde Hair Holy Grail’ and the following two lines deserve golden cups of their own:

Nexxus Oil Infinite
Nexxus used to be one of my most loved American brands and I was beyond excited to see them launch ‘Oil Infinite‘ (an oil-infusing system) in the UK. What makes these products extra special is the formulka; concentrated, 100% pure Elastin Protein and natural Babassu & Marula oils. Each product in the system (of which there is a shampoo, conditioner, masque and oil) contains them, therefore turning even the most dry and damaged hair into a bed of silky strands.

If you’ve gone a bit too blonde too fast, this would be an ideal product line to whip your head back into shape.

Tigi S Factor
I have been trialling the Diamond Dreams shampoo and conditioner with weekly use of the Serious Conditioner and have been blown away by the results. Because my hair hasn’t suffered too much damage while going blonde (it has been a seven month process), I wanted a lighter alternative to the Oil Infinite that would still keep my hair healthy.

Diamond Dreams – which contains champagne extract, diamond dust, cashmere and crushed pearls – seemed a safe bet.

It’s rich hair in a bottle. While creating a multi-dimensional shimmer, the duo maintains conditioned colour, offers UV protection, controls frizz, adds strength & shine, and detangles. Without sulphates.

If that wasn’t enough, the Serious Conditioner (which smells like a minty strawberry souffle) acts as a fabric conditioner for hair. Using amino acids and hydrolyzed silk protein to smooth and strengthen hair follicles, all it takes is a five minute soak for ultimate softness.

Both lines won’t be leaving my shower for quite some time.

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blonde hair products
blonde hair products

blonde hair

“From the hard time living ’til the Chelsea days,
From when her hair was sweet blonde ’til the day it turned grey
She said:
You’ve got more than money and sense, my friend,
You’ve got heart and you go in your own way”
Noah And The Whale, ‘Life Goes On’

One of my favourite things in the world is unbrushed hair. Pairing it with a super-sharp blazer from Warehouse and a lime playsuit from a street stall in Bangkok? Not quite sure. I whip my hair, nonetheless.
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After a while, I realised I had more than enough New CID cosmetics to fill a normal persons makeup bag.

Normal person.

Thus, after deciding to go blonde and feeling so fresh and so clean (clean), I decided to do a full face of their fabulous products:

i-gel Long Wear Gel Eye Liner Trio With Brush in Graphie/Granite/Carbon – This is a super soft-and-creamy eyeliner trio with staying power. It also doesn’t dry too quickly, which lets me create a subtle smoke-out with my finger after applying a thin line with the brush provided. Easy eyes in 1, 2, 3!

i-glow Compact Shimmer Powder with Mirror in Ice Pop – I rarely wear blush (hello, rosacea!), but this is a sweetly shimmering light pink which almost cancels out the natural flush in my skin. Perfectly pretty for my almost-transparent winter skin.

i-flutter Double Brush Lengthening Mascara in Black – As a total mascara snob, I was wowed by this. There are a lot of things I demand from a mascara and – apart from being a stiffer brush than I would opt for – it has them all: volume, length, separation, staying power.

i-prime Foundation Primer – Dreamy, silky, phenomenal. I use it every day, whether I wear makeup or not.

i-open Double Ended Eyeliner and Under Eye Concealer – If you don’t already know, nude eyeliner on the water line opens up your eyes (especially eyes that get no sleep, a la Lela London’s) while avoiding the harsh look of the bright white eyeliner that many old-school makeup artists recommend. To be honest, I don’t ever use the concealer end as I never ‘touch up’ in the day, but the eyeliner is a must.

i-conceal Brush on Fluid Concealer – New CID is one of the only brand that has a colour light enough for me (Extra Light) that feels like it hydrates as well as covers. You don’t even need foundation with this baby.

i-polish Nail Polish in Tutti Frutti – Of course, you wouldn’t get a post featuring New CID without a light-up product! This is one of their upcoming nail polishes, which will be priced at only £10 with all colour goodness of the Nail Greats with no chemical nasties.

i-pout Lipstick in Pomegranate – Another light-up product, this time with a handy mirror attached to the lipstick case. Enriched with Vitamin E, i-Pout feels richly conditioning and the taste is slightly sweet but not overpowering.

Full face and hair (though a bit too straight for my liking after a long day!), below.
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Nicole Kidman Blonde The Paperboy
Upon first glance, I thought Jennifer Aniston was having a very peculiar day out. Then, I came to realise the above photo was actually of Nicole Kidman. Turns out throwing on some blonde dye, 30 pounds of make-up, and an updated version of “The Rachel” can be quite confusing for a Kidman fan. Though the make-over has been constructed while she’s filming “The Paperboy”, this might be my favourite hair hue of hers. I hope she keeps it, but loses the hairspray/flat iron.

Kate Bosworth Dip Dye Hair
And then there was Kate. Kate Bosworth to be exact. Last night, she attended a Coldplay concert (strange – as she was rumoured to be Gwyneth Paltrow‘s “other woman” a while back) wearing a gorgeous Misssoni blouse, and debuting a new dip-dyed teal hairstyle. The Tumblr babies are going to love this one.

Dianna Agron Hair

Dianna Agron: Before to After

Now that Glee has finished filming all of Season 2, Dianna Agron (aka Quinn Fabray) has decided to remedy a seven year itch. That itch? To cut all of her hair off. Dianna showed off her new, short blonde-highlighted hair to her Tumblr followers via photo and video (which you can see below). I’m pretty sure she would be stunning bald. Do you love or hate it?
Dianna Agron Short Hair

Dianna Agron: After