busaba brunch
Hello, beloved readers. Brunch addict here again. This time…a little spicier.

I am an unapologetic creature of habit almost every weekend; come 11am, the craving for avocado and eggs hits and I flitter across the city to try one of my most recent brunch recommendations.

Occasionally, I break the mould and come out on top. This is what happened at Busaba Eathai.

Busaba recently launched brunch at their Shoreditch and newly refurbished Kingston Riverside sites (available from 10am to 3pm) and my lust for both thai food and indulgent brunches Spidey-sensed a potential win.

As you know, if it is on this blog it is most certainly a win. After ordering two Koh Samuis (made with coconut, carrot, and orange juice), my hungry companion and I ordered up a storm; coconut multi-grain porridge (served with sliced banana, ginger-spiced pineapple and chilli), baked eggs with spicy minced beef (a spicy melange of minced beef, red chilli, garlic, mushroom, cherry tomato, and eggs served with char-grilled toast), and Pad Thai with coconut rice (because I couldn’t help but suggesting it to my companion, Busaba Virgin).

Surrounded by what I assume is the the sole collection of palm trees in Shoreditch, I could not imagine a better place to spend a spicy Saturday or Sunday. Especially for recovery purposes (ahem).

busaba brunch
busaba brunch
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