hassan ii mosque morocco
Hope your other tabs are closed, honeybees. The beauty of Morocco is about to steal all of your wi-fi’s juice.

Last Friday I was lucky enough to jet off to Morocco in a group of gorgeous superbloggers and journalists for a 5-day trip that spanned Mazagan, Casablanca and Rabat. It is the reason the hashtag #MoroccoInStyle was likely to be cluttering your Twitter and Instagram feeds.

Click below for a photo heavy tour through the trip…

morocco mosque bird
morocco mosque bird
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My Week on Instagram
Press trip to Morocco = Instagram abuse of the highest order. A bit of the shenanigans below…

Instagram (@lelalondon) – left to right, top to bottom:
1. Octoplate: my latest Food For Thought at HungerTV.com! (Read it here!)
2. On a pirate ship in Morocco, getting the opposite of sober and singing karaoke.
3. Stacking chips.
4. My funny little face all over Warehouse today.
5. Pancakes is helping me catch up on work. What a honey.
6. Immense. Mosque.
7. Tesco HQ.
8. Babes being babes: Fabric of My Life and Alex Loves.
9. It’s business…it’s business time
10. Octopus salad and macarons. You know, #moroccoinstyle.
11. Peace.
12. Dream man.
13. Room service champagne party.
14. Freebird in the Mosque.
15. Super pumped up kicks.
16. A little bit of magic to welcome us to Casablanca.

casablanca future cinema
I visited London’s wildest cinematic experience – Future Cinema – for the first time on Sunday (because it is obviously a bright idea to add another thing to your plate during London Fashion Week) to wine and dine myself under the bright lights of Casablanca. Thankfully, it was one of the most enjoyable ‘nights out’ I have ever had in London.

With my best dude friend and our mutual crush on Ingrid Bergman in tow, we made our way to Rick’s Café Américain (aka a renovated Troxy). First met under the bridge to have our papers checked before being allowed into Rick’s, a few patrons did not fare as well as my faux-Parisian best friend and I (Polish for the night) and went through a search before being let through the doors and into 1942.

Everyone gasps as they enter Rick’s Café. Transformed into a prodigious version of the film’s main play, the Troxy now stands as the hottest nightclub in town, where audiences gather around Sam’s piano, try their luck in the Café’s own Casino, and dance into the night with Benoît Viellefon and his Orchestra. With performances of the theatrical and musical variety scattered throughout the first hour or so, you are urged to wander the scene and grab a plate or three from The Blue Parrot Café (by Moro of Exmouth Market) who have created dishes including a chicken tagine with preserved lemon and olives, vegetable couscous with sweet onions, raisins and harissa (photographed here) as well as sweet Moroccan pastries, recreating the smells and tastes of Casablanca. Once fully immersed in the experience, the film itself begins to play on a large screen over the stage.

By the time the credits roll the entire Troxy is on an incredible high. The scene, the fashion (I opted for this dress from Izabel London to stick to the dress code), the music; it is a mesmerizing cinematic experience. Exit visas included.

Thankfully, following overwhelming demand and record sold-out run the production has been extended until March 23rd! Get your tickets here.

casablanca future cinema
casablanca future cinema
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