1940s corset
Think your Spanx are a torture device, ladies? Think again! The 1940s didn’t do a whole lot of justice for our ribcages or our compacted internal organs. Employing the classic technique of ‘frown in your before, smile in your after’, these corset-wielding ads are a stroke of marketing genius.

1940s corset
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hair do love life
In 1944, this little lifestyle snippit was featured in LIFE Magazine. It is charming and delusional in all the ways that the Forties possibly could be – this was LIFE, after all.

Obviously, a bow on the top of her head means that Ann Mitchell is out to get herself a man (what does that say about Lady Gaga?). A bow worn in back means that Betty Dupree is not interested in men (women, perhaps?). Bow worn on the right side indicated that Becky Brown is deeply in love. Lastly, a bow worn at left is an apparent signal and challenge. It means Betty Chaney is going steady. Vintage jelly bracelets, if you will.

Manish Arora Fall Winter 2011
Paco Rabanne made such a sublime decision by naming Manish Arora as their next head designer; his Fall/Winter 2011 collection has ended up as my sweeping favourite of the seeason. Mirth and sophistication are the two reactions Manish evokes for the Arora Woman, a feat he succeeds in through wild motifs and forties silhouettes. Both Aztec and Indian notions were on scene throughout the presentation, putting a gratifying glaze on garments that construe fashionable frivolity. See the top five looks below! View Post

Beauty World Gan Harpers Bazaar
Fashion photographer Gan is doing retro with a twist for Harpers Bazaar Singapore‘s new spread in conjunction with some stellar styling by Kenneth Goh. The fresh take on your forties pinup – “Beauty World” – is thanks to Burberry Prorsum, Dries Van Noten, Jil Sander, Moschino, Miu Miu, Prada and Fendi Spring/Summer 2011 among others. View Post