Oscar de la Renta ss12
While most fashion shows build to a sort of crescendo of the biggest and most intricate pieces, Oscar de la Renta kicked things off dramatically for his Spring/Summer 2012 collection with enormous, silk taffeta ball gowns. The show was more energetic than I’ve seen from Oscar’s past few seasons, yet somehow he still accounted for his popular ladies-who-lunch fanset.

The eveningwear was – as always – better than anything I could predict. Though I always review Fashion Week shows with my top five looks, I was close to sharing the entire collection. Fur, sequins, gold lame, more and more taffeta; I gasped when Lindsey Wixson came out in a barely-pink silk chiffon, ostrich feather gown – the movement was unreal. The edgy vibe to his glamorous showing was also hitched up unexpected soundtrack from Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd.

(I also thought this would be the perfect opportunity to include a video of Oscar de la Renta serenading Sarah Jessica Parker at Fashion’s Night Out NYC. Cutest thing ever.) View Post

Prada Fall Winter 2011
Miuccia Prada just presented forty-one looks of vicissitude on three runways: that is what you call a fashion show. The pleasantly neurotic show began late (it’s Prada, who cares?), starting with a fur-collared dress and travelling through looks of school girl dresses, fur-spiked swimming caps, plastic paillettes, python print, and a bevy of refined reds. This is a collection to celebrate; a prediction I’m sure you will agree with via many future editorials. See the top five looks below! View Post

David Koma Fall Winter 2011
I am a sculptural kind of woman. This makes David Koma a Fashion Week ‘must see’. Though he was part of a New Gen duo presentation with Holly Fulton, Koma is the name synonymous with my new fashion dreams. Fur pom-poms and hallucinogenic prints popped up unexpectedly after heavy embellishments and circle disks seduced my weak sartorial heart. Cohesive cut-out heels by Alain Quilici were the icing on the commendable cake. See the top five looks below! View Post

Dennis Basso Fall Winter 2011
Dennis Basso has naught to prove as a furrier, yet he still – undeniably – pulls out all of the broadtail, fox, alligator, chinchilla, kidassia and lynx he can get his talented hands on. New Fashion Week staple attendee Johnny Weir described it faultlessly as a “furgasm“; even chiffon pieces were constructed to resemble fur. The PETA-unfriendly craftmanship and texture work was impeccable. See the top five looks below! View Post

Herve Leger Fall Winter 2011
Herve Leger bandage dresses are the most strenuous stratagem of the last ten years in fashion. Not only do they take a Pilates-addicted body to pull off, but they are mighty involved to pull on. Regardless, Max and Lubov Azria‘s Fall/Winter 2011 designs prove their beauty is relentless, using new techniques and finishings for a warrior princess collection that included a fur trench, cropped pants (!!), and a skirt made of pony hair. It’s not your ordinary bodycon exhibition. See the top five looks below! View Post