gin cocktail
There are few drinks I can throw down like a gin and tonic, so when presented with the opportunity to create a cocktail for Fruitdrop (who are masters of office fruit delivery in London), gin was definitely on the cards.

At the end of the week most ‘fruit bowls’ – fruit bowls all over the country – carry a few leftover pieces of fruit that won’t make it through the weekend. This means there is quite literally no better excuse to make a fruity cocktail. We’re not talking super sweet £10 cocktails with umbrellas, either. This recipe aims for a fresh, light mix of fruit and alcohol that comes in at roughly 100 calories.

You will need:
– Gin. I chose Tanqueray for its four botanicals; juniper, coriander seed, angelica root and liquorice root. The streamlined blend will maintain its flavour and blend quickly with the fruits. Being Frank Sinatra’s favourite gin also helped it fit as my retro-feeling ‘post-work drink’.
– Streamline tonic. No reason for the additional calories.
– Fruits! I chose an orange and plum, but anything that can be juiced works.
– All-natural honey (I prefer mine with lemon).
Optional: Fruit to garnish.

1. Squeeze the fruits into your glass. If you have access to a juicer, by all means juice your fruits and leave enough room for your ‘extras’!
2. Add a half-shot of honey.
3. Add a shot or two of gin (personal taste).
4. Top up with tonic.
5. Garnish with an apple, if desired!

(If you’ree interested in weekly Fruitdrop fruit delivery, head over to!)

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Juniper Sling Bottle
If there was ever a fragrance that could be renamed “Lela London”, this might be it. On September 5th, Penhaligon’s is launching their latest fragrance, “Juniper Sling“. Penhaligon’s. The brand’s own master of fragrance, Olivier Cresp, was inspired by London Dry Gin and wished to deliver a playful, chilled and mysterious homage to the Bright Young Things of London’s roaring twenties.

Though I’m not a big drinker, I am notorious for having one solo choice at the bar and one hardcore wardrobe inspiration era; those would be a gin and tonic and the roaring twenties. Though the fragrance was enigmatic from the get-go, the meticulous measures of gin, cardamom, brown sugar, black cherry and angelica (among others) are intoxicating. A sensuous and complex drink for the skin.

Juniper Sling Eau de Toilette 50ml will be sold for £78, and the 100ml for £110 in Penhaligon’s boutiques, concessions and online at